All-sorts Worship - Years A, B & C Bundle

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Complete all-age services for every Sunday of Common Worship
You can’t turn a service into an all-age worship service just by throwing in a children’s sermon and an action song.,br/>
All-sorts Worship contains complete services for every Sunday of each Year, which are designed to include people of ‘all sorts and conditions of life’, meaning that the whole congregation worships together and nobody is tidied away. Each service offers a completely fresh set of ideas, tailored to a specific theme.

These are the ideal books for real all-age worship which creates a sense of excitement and belonging in your church.

Claire Benton EvensClaire Benton-Evans writes exclusively for Kevin Mayhew. Her consultancy work includes all-age worship workshops and children’s spirituality training for clergy, worshipleaders, head teachers and school governors.

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