Bach - The Italian Concerto

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Bach - The Italian Concerto

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BMV 971
The Italian Concerto was published in 1735 and it clearly shows how Bach had assimilated the Italian influence and converted it into his own inimitable style. A reviewer, Johann Adolf Scheibe, wrote of it: “Pre-eminent among works known through published prints is a Clavier Concerto by the famous Bach. Who is not to admit that this Concerto is to be regarded as a perfect model of a well designed Solo Concerto?” This reviewer had previously written of Bach: “He would be the object of admiration if he possessed more pleasantness and made his compositions less turgid and sophisticated”. The Italian Concerto was written for a two manual harpsichord and this enabled Bach to build in a large dynamic range. It is notable for its melodic line, rhythmic verve, dynamic subtlety and sublime slow movement - a virtuoso work of excitement and originality which both challenges and inspires.