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Back To Back

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Back To Back
Stages: Teenage
Back to Back , the sequel to Tearing Me Apart, explores another seven issues relevant to young people: The human condition; Employment; Greed; Emotions; Relationships; Violence; and The environment.

Each issue is looked at from opposing perspectives and explored in a different way: through narrative, drama, a quiz or debate followed by a couple of questions to reflect on, points to consider, a look at what the Bible says on the subject, followed by a prayer or meditation.

Back to Back will encourage students to explore life, to take issue with the issues and consider what part God has to play in their own lives.

Deciding to become a writer during a Math lesson at Primary school, Pete’s literary career began as a furniture salesman. After three years of University, he began teaching at a local Further Education College. With a brief sojourn as Head of Department in a Secondary school, and studying for a Post Graduate Diploma, a decision was made to indulge his passion for writing and playing music.

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