Beyond the Cringe

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Beyond the Cringe

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Fifteen new sketches you won’t be embarrassed to perform in front of church, friends, family . . . And God!
Comedy in church? You’re having a laugh, aren’t you? Peter Shaw certainly hopes you will be, because in his words: ‘. . . if you can get someone to laugh – you are half way to getting what you want. And what we want is for people to know and love Jesus.’
Danger! Men at work Abram:The early years Part 1: Life begins at 75 Part 2: From Ur to Eternity Part 3: Sister Act Ask, See, Knock Part 1: Help! My husband's on the blink Part 2: Pillow Talk, or how to wind up friends and introduce pillows Part 3: Taste and see The Pit and the pedant I'm a minor prophet, get me out of here! Part 1: Up for the challenge? Part 2: Pirates of the Old Testament Part 3: Operation Ninevite freedom Malcolm or SuperMalcolm? Daddy Don't-care Ready, Steady, Burn! Zebedee Miller Show: My wife gave birth to the Messiah