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Beastly Bible Stories - Book 8Claire Benton-Evans
Turning the world upside down

So you think the Bible is boring?


12 lively-told and illustrated New Testament stories, also including a Beastly bonus story! ‘full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children’s Bible stories are afraid to mention.
This book contains wildfire, a deadly sermon and a ten-headed monster!’

Are YOU brave enough for BEASTLY BIBLE STORIES?
Kevin Mayhew - Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter Titles Catalogue - 2016

Unwrap Epic Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter Titles Catalogue - 2016

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Credible WitnessesJohn Parr John’s Gospel includes a broad spectrum of witnesses to Jesus, whose wide-ranging responses and stories are an attempt to persuade audiences of their points of view on Jesus, which range from positive to negative. The evangelist wants his readers to become more confident in their faith, hence his desire to tell a credible story (or series of stories) about Jesus.

Credible Witnesses follows John’s lead by allowing many of his characters to speak about Jesus by telling their stories. This involves imagination and even conjecture at times. In each of the chapters of this book, a character’s testimony is illuminated with some background information, before going on to show how John uses the testimony as part of the witness of his Gospel as a whole. Each chapter ends with some reflections that help to draw John’s Gospel into the present.
Experiencing God In Unexpected PlacesPatrick Coghlan Aimed at a variety of readerships, Experiencing God in Unexpected Places is for those who want to know more about the meaning and significance of the Beatitudes, and to gain a greater understanding of the nature of joy and blessing.

The book will also help people who are coming to terms with difficult times, and all those who struggle to understand how we can experience God, his joy and blessing, even in the more negative situations in life – sometimes more so.

Patrick Coghlan examines how we are able to deal with the more negative experiences often faced in life; to have a deeper joy, to receive more of God’s blessing, and to experience the Triune God (God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit) in new and significant ways eternally. Also, how we can appreciate more fully all the joy and blessings that God showers upon us on a daily basis; though not everyone attributes them to God.

Each Beatitude is divided into two halves, which are looked at in alternate chapters. The first half is the challenge of the Beatitude, and the second half is the blessing of the Beatitude. The Appendix at the end of the resource invites and assists the reader to go on a physical journey of prayer, based on the Beatitudes.
No Body But YoursPaul Cox Christ has no body now, but yours. No hands, no feet on earth, but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks with compassion on this world. St Teresa of Avila.

As Christians, we are all challenged by Jesus’ final commission to his disciples, to go and make disciples of all nations. It has clearly not yet been accomplished and this is the springboard for Paul Cox’s thought-provoking course of Lent reflections in No Body But Yours. Through six sessions, each of which can be followed either as a personal reflection for Lent, or as a group, the sentiments expressed in the prayer by St Teresa of Avila are examined in detail.

No Body but Yours is an essential aid for Lent, encouraging us to reflect not just upon how we live our faith, but how this faith is proclaimed and perhaps more importantly, how we can be Christ to and for others.

Calling on us all to take more seriously, and with greater personal engagement, the task Jesus has set us, Paul Cox encourages us to examine how we can be more Christlike, both in our own lives and in relation to others. It is a wonderful and daunting challenge, and one which, by our baptism into a life with Jesus, we agree to take up.
Leading For A ChangePaul Canon Harris 'Leading for a Change' offers practical advice and insights, and explores issues such as:

*Why the leader needs to be a navigator and interpreter.
*How growth and success can knock you off-track.
*How to apply insights from business in the church and other voluntary settings.
*What happens when leaders spend more time managing than leading.
*How we learn from mistakes
*How to pace change.
*How to communicate change honestly.
*What makes change too costly.
Kevin Mayhew - Epic School Resources Catalogue - 2016

Epic School Resources - 2016- Information correct at time of printing October 2016

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The Bumper Book of Resources : Lent (Volume 6)Various This Bumper Book, together with its companion volumes, draws together material from a wide range of sources and a number of top authors to create an invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material, both for general and all-age worship, that covers the major festivals of the Christian year.

Also in the series:
Volume 1: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance (1501482)
Volume 2: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (1501483)
Volume 3: Holy Week (1501484)
Volume 4: Easter, Ascension and Pentecost (1501496)
Volume 5: Dying, Death and Funerals (1501524)

With the exception of Volume 5, each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations that can be reproduced to enliven learning and interactive worship.
New Seasonal Hymns for Lent, Holy Week, Easter and PentecostVarious Here is a wonderful new collection of 39 hymns by fine writers that will stir and challenge congregations during this special season of the Church Year. Most of the hymns included have well-known, congregation-friendly tunes, lowered to make them easily singable. A few tunes have been used that are less familiar and these have all been recorded with full vocals on the accompanying CD.
Worship for Lent and EasterAnnie Heppenstall ‘There is a city with a river of life, a radiant place, a place where God resides, a city of peace, where all can live in harmony, where all, from all directions, can come and live in peace.’

Annie Heppenstall – a professed Franciscan tertiary drawn to expressions of Earth Spirituality and of the Feminine Divine, and the bestselling author of The Book of Uncommon Prayer – provides in Worship for Lent and Easter a truly rich and remarkable weekly liturgy, the underlying theme throughout being that of place and inclusivity.

Beginning with Ash Wednesday’s location in the wilderness of Christ’s temptation, then moving through the desert and onto village, city, family home, temple, execution site, and finally garden, Annie’s biblically rich, comprehensive and creative new liturgy includes Celtic Christian options throughout, reflective and informative introductions for worship leaders, and provision for children.

Written with a deep respect of tradition, yet also with a vivid awareness of contemporary concerns, Worship for Lent and Easter will engage all who yearn for fresh inspiration, energy and insight into this most holy of Christian seasons.
Kevin Mayhew - Books and CDs Catalogue - 2016

Kevin Mayhew - Books and CDs Catalogue - 2016 - Exciting new and evergreen books and CDs, Advent and Christmas

Information correct at the time of printing (AUGUST 2016).

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Abiding GraceRupert Bristow
Prayers for Later in Life

The later years of life are as filled with blessings and challenges as those which come before. In Abiding Grace, Rupert Bristow provides a moving and heartfelt storehouse of prayers that enable the reader to reflect and meditate on them.

Beginning as it should with celebration, Abiding Grace reminds us that there is much indeed to rejoice in, be that the simple joys of laughter, retirement, and even keeping fit! Rupert then gently guides the reader through the anxieties and worries that are an inescapable part of growing old. Regrets and mistakes are brought before God and through his grace we are released from our past.

From birthdays and anniversaries, friends, family and wisdom, through to the time when we all face death, Abiding Grace is a rich and much needed aid for anyone turning to prayer in later life. Indeed, as Rupert writes, it is through God’s saving grace and an awareness of his presence in our lives, ‘that we can all seek to make the seamless transition from life to death without fear or regret, but in confidence and trust.’
Harmony in WorshipStephen Mitchell & Roger Green Here is an excellent resource for all those interested in the part music can play in worship. At its very best music can enhance so many aspects of worship – from joyous praise to quiet contemplation.

When all is in harmony, all is well, but relationships play an important part and sometimes are ‘off key’. Not only does the book offer suggestions and questions to stimulate those responsible for worship but it also suggests ways to help ensure ministers, organists and worship leaders all sing from the same song sheet.

Contents include chapters on hymns, choirs, organists, the changing face of music in church and instruments. The authors, a well-respected organist and a recently retired clergyman with a music degree, have produced a valuable book to provoke discussion and encourage the part music plays in worship.
Jesus' WomenJoy Tetley In all four Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus, women feature strongly. They have a vital role in his family background and are among his closest friends and followers. They frequently make significant appearances in his one-off encounters. Some are named, many are not, but each has her own part to play in opening up the truth of God. Each of these women points us to Jesus, who is God with us. And Jesus himself uses female characters and imagery to get across the meaning of his life and mission.

These women matter, therefore. In this book, Joy Tetley reflects on each one of them, convinced that they still have much to say, even in this day and age, and to both men and women. Whether they speak verbally or non-verbally, their voices still need to be heard, for they bring messages of hope, encouragement and challenge. They can help us to be confident in God and bold in God’s presence. And as they were their own women, so they can encourage us to come into our own, in relationship with the God who ever seeks to raise us to our full potential.

It is the author’s contention that however many times we turn to look at these women, there will always be something more to discover and take to heart. It is a privilege still to be able to meet them through the imprint they have left on Scripture and we should, indeed, thank God for them.
What Do You Think?Compiled & Edited By John Cox Poetry arouses feelings, sparks imagination, prompts arguments, shapes attitudes and keeps us alert to new possibilities. It is there to make us think.

This collection of poems has been selected especially for use with children in schools. The poems cover a wide range of topics, including what we think about ourselves, friends, the environment, bullying and forgiveness.

Highly suitable for use in any setting, some of the poems have an explicit religious theme, presented in a way that invites reflection and careful thought.

This is an exciting resource of engaging and sometimes amusing poems that will help children to think about important issues. Brief commentaries and discussion questions are provided throughout to initiate discussion.

Contributing Authors:

Alison Carver
Ali Dee
Nick Fawcett
Michael Forster
Barry Hart
Val Hawthorne
Paul Keeble
Denis O’Gorman
Susan Sayers
Becky Silver
W. L. Wallace
Sarah Watts
Wide As The Oceans High As The HeavensAnnie Heppenstall Here is a compilation of prayers from five of Annie Heppenstall’s previous books. Annie says, ‘Each one of my books celebrates the awe of this beautiful world we live in, but also acknowledges that life can be very challenging as we struggle with personal circumstances and questions of faith.’

In this book, you will find prayers

• celebrating the wonder of the natural world
• using inclusive and feminine imagery for God
• reinterpreting traditional Christian prayers,
• in inclusive language
• of time and season
• in the Celtic tradition
• for tree planting, place blessing and pet funerals
• to honour women’s stages of life from menarche to menopause
• seeking a way through loss, illness and anxiety
• seeking peace in difficult relationships, including within church communities
• expressing wonder at divine love and much more!

The index enables prayers to be traced to their original sources.
The Old TestamentNicholas King
A new, cutting-edge translation of the Septuagint

Nicholas King is the first person for over 70 years to translate the Bible on his own, without the aid of a committee. His translation, described as amazing, dynamite, instantly accessible and unique, is from the Greek, complete with grammatical inaccuracies and idiomatic peculiarities. Many translations of the Bible opt for a uniform style; they iron out irregularities and try to amplify the text or produce easy-flowing reading or modern English.
Nicholas King’s fresh rendering of the Old Testament is not only innovative, but also illuminating; it will also strengthen the faith of readers. His translation is of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew text, because that was the Bible that the New Testament authors knew. His aim is to keep as close to the Greek as possible, frequently incorporating idiomatic or grammatical peculiarities.

This results in a translation which is exceptionally stimulating, sometimes startling; readers will find that it shakes off the dust which often settles on passages that have become tired from over familiarity or frequent quotation. Nicholas King’s translation is infused with raw power. Readers will gain new insights and find the Bible imbued with renewed meaning and vigour.

At the consecration of Libby Lane as the first female bishop in the Church of England, she was presented with a boxed presentation edition of Nicholas King’s Study Bible.
Beastly Bible Stories - Book 7Claire Benton-Evans
Gory, Gory Hallelujah!

So you think the Bible is boring?


12 lively-told and illustrated New Testament stories full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children’s Bible stories are afraid to mention.

This book contains false friends, Roman execution and a death-defying surprise.

Are YOU brave enough for BEASTLY BIBLE STORIES?
The Teacher (Presentation)Nick Fawcett
A simple guide to daily life

Destined surely to become a modern-day spiritual classic, speaking to people of all faiths and none, this is a book you will want to return to again and again. Drawing on ancient wisdom literature and, specifically, the words of the Teacher, Nick Fawcett invites the reader to join him in a search for insight into the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, of daily life.

At once poetic and profound, The Teacher offers guidance on such diverse themes as love, revenge, relationships, loneliness, justice, wealth, and much more. Here is a timely resource for our troubled world, painting a picture of what life could be, should be, and perhaps, just possibly, one day might be.

Makes an ideal gift book
Lord I've A Few QuestionsDavid Gatward
A Lifetime's irrepressible prayers

Don’t read this book if you know all the answers, have an awesome and perfect prayer life, and spend each and every day knowing exactly what is God’s purpose for you and your life.

However, if you’re happier with questions, have the kind of prayer life that occasionally needs putting on life support, and find yourself often wondering what’s happening tomorrow, never mind next month or year, then why not read on?

From life as a teenager, through college, then out into the wider world of work, marriage and children, this collection of old and new material, written by David Gatward, author of the bestselling Can We Talk, Lord?, spans the past 25 years of his life. It may not be filled with life-changing insights and earth-shattering wisdom, but it is real. And that, when it comes to it, is what God is actually really interested in: wherever you are, and whatever it is that you’re doing, your creator wants you to share with him what’s on your mind. So, what’s stopping you?
The Bumper Book of Resources : Dying, Death & Funerals (Volume 5)Various This Bumper Book (together with its companion volumes) draws together material from a wide range of sources and a number of top authors to create an invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material both for general and all-age worship. Also in the series: Volume 1: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls & Remembrance (1501482) Volume 2: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany (1501483) Volume 3: Holy Week (1501484) Volume 4: Easter, Ascension and Pentecost (1501496) Volume 6: Lent (1501532)
Volumes 1 to 4 & 6 are accompanied by a CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations that can be reproduced to enliven learning and interactive worship.
New Seasonal Hymns For Harvest, Racial Justice, Remembrance, PeaceVarious Here is a wonderful new collection of 25 hymns by fine writers that will stir and challenge congregations during this special season of the Church Year. Most of the hymns included have well-known, congregation-friendly tunes, lowered to make them easily singable. A few tunes have been used that are less familiar and these have all been recorded with full vocals on the accompanying CD.
New Seasonal Hymns For Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, New YearVarious Here is a wonderful new collection of 35 hymns by fine writers that will stir and challenge congregations during this special season of the Church Year. Most of the hymns included have well-known, congregation-friendly tunes, lowered to make them easily singable. A few tunes have been used that are less familiar and these have all been recorded with full vocals on the accompanying CD.
Top Tips For A Tip-Top Nativity!Val Hawthorne Need help with planning your Nativity play or service? Then this book is for you!

Val Hawthorne’s latest book draws on her experience over many years of organising Nativity plays and All-age services.

Here you will find guidelines, dos and don’ts, practical workable suggestions, together with ready-made scripts and simple songs.

Let Val do the thinking for you and take the stress and strain out of your Christmas!
Wonderful WorshipSusan Sayers
An invaluable resource to make Advent and Christmas even more special

The whole season of Christmas, from Advent to Epiphany, is a wonderful opportunity for the Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus as ‘God with us’.

Instead of feeling we are battling against the tide and shutting ourselves off from all the festivities, which are increasingly secular, Susan Sayers encourages us to embrace them and fill them with real meaning. In her excellent book of resources for worship in church, outside and at home, for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, the author shows how this can be possible.

The resources help to make Advent more spacious and reflective, rather than being caught up in the frantic pre-Christmas secular stress. They also show how we can Christianise many of the pre- and post-Christmas activities, so that these secular events are not extras to be squashed into an already hopelessly busy schedule, but become an integral part of our Christian preparation and reflection.
O Come O Come EmmanuelJohn Cox Based on the traditional hymn ‘O come, O come Emmanuel’, John Cox’s Advent course provides the opportunity for a reality check: the reality of who we are and what our world is, the reality of our hopes and fears. It encourages us to look afresh at the reality of Jesus, the One who comes and ask how much he is really a part of our lives.

As we look forward at Advent, this book encourages us to look in other directions as well: to look around at those who are lost and alienated, at outcasts and refugees; to look within us and within the world; to look up to find hope and aspiration; to look with gratitude; and to look with the eyes of loving response as we meet with Christ, the One we long for, the One who we believe comes to meet our needs and those of our world.

This short course of six sessions is intended for use by small groups but could equally be helpful for individual use in setting a framework for private study, devotion and reflection.
How To Plan And Lead Your Own Collective WorshipPatricia Ainge

Accompanying CD-Rom with PowerPoint presentation and many other resources.

This book is aimed at Catholic schools and provides a step-by-step guide for children and young people to help them plan and lead their own collective worship. Written so that it can be used independently by upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3, the book details the building blocks of collective worship and then explains how children and young people can use these building blocks to plan and structure their own act of worship.

Patricia Ainge provides a wealth of resources to help them get started, from suggestions for Scripture readings to suit different occasions to ideas about how to explore these readings to find the message for today.

While the bulk of the book is written for young people, there are two short sections for the adults that support them where, among other things, ideas are given for using the book with younger children, or as a class resource. A PowerPoint presentation to support this is found on the CD Rom that accompanies the book, together with many resources to print and use.

Planning and leading collective worship is immensely satisfying for young people, enabling them to use their gifts and their own experience to explore their relationship with God. It also provides an opportunity to develop skills such as leadership and teamwork, as well as giving young people a means to respond to different moments in their lives. This book is an essential resource to help them do that.
Pictures Of The Early ChurchNicholas King
Welcome to the New Testament

This book is an invitation to read the 27 documents that make up the library we call ‘the New Testament’. They come in different shapes and sizes; there are the five (yes, five) narratives that we call ‘gospels’. And there are other documents that we call ‘letters’, though not many of them are the kind of thing you might receive in today’s post.

All of them have something to do with, indeed each of them sheds a different light on, the remarkable person whom we call Jesus of Nazareth, who was put to death because the political authorities could not cope with him, and whom God raised from that appalling death.

This book will tell you how the New Testament works, and how it could change your life.
Jump Leads and Bump StartsPaul Canon Harris Here is a collection of reflections based on scripts the author has written and presented for national and local radio stations over the years. They are bite-size meditations on a wide range of subjects, including Love, Lent, Journeys, Hope, Money, Dogs and forgiveness, Christmas preparations.

The book can be used in a pick ‘n’ mix way, rather like jump leads or bump starts for your conversations with God. The Bible and Subject indexes will help if this is the approach you wish to take. Alternatively, the reflections are in a loose chronological order, as though they were stepping stones through the year.

Most of the main Christian festivals are included, as well as other milestones in a typical year. In addition, each reflection includes a suggested Bible passage and questions to think about.

Paul Canon Harris is a poet, writer and broadcaster based in Bournemouth. He is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 2 and other radio stations.

Overturning TablesPaul Canon Harris Poems are like parables, written to draw in the listener or reader. Paul Canon Harris combines humour, surprise and wordplay to get his audience thinking in a new way or to trigger a new insight.

The title Overturning Tables reflects the author’s belief that God is the Great Disturber. Jesus overturned tables in the temple, upset the political and religious establishments and unleashed his Upside Down, Inside Out Kingdom.

This collection of accessible poems is a set of stepping stones through the calendar year. Many of them have already been used to enrich a wide range of acts of worship, and have been valued as part of personal reflection and prayer times.

We live life at such a pace these days; reading poetry is a wonderful way of slowing down and reflecting on the more important things in life.

Paul Canon Harris is a poet, writer and broadcaster based in Bournemouth. He is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 2 and other radio stations.

What Happens When We Pray?John Saxbee
Does It Make a difference?

Prayers may be formal or informal, carefully composed or on the spur of the moment. They might be in the form of confessions or thanksgivings, and often they are requests made to God on behalf of ourselves or for others.

Does prayer change anything and what do our prayers say about the kind of God we believe in?

Without shying away from philosophical and theological difficulties posed by the practice of prayer, John Saxbee provides an accessible and ultimately reassuring account of how prayer properly understood enlivens and enriches our relationship to God, our neighbour and the world around us.

What Happens When We Pray? is a study with a pastoral purpose, touching on matters which are as emotionally sensitive as they are intellectually intriguing. It is an encouragement to think about what we are doing when we pray and a stimulus to pray with ever more conviction and commitment.
Icons of GloryDavid Adam Icons of Glory is a book of intercessions for the major church festivals throughout the year.

Each set of intercessions prays for the Church, the world, the local community and our homes, the sick and those in need, ending with a remembrance of our loved ones departed.

The short introduction to each festival will help focus on that event. There is also an opening prayer, readings from the Scriptures, an offering of God’s peace and a blessing.
Hard Pews, Boring Sermons and No Loos!John Cox
Excuses and reasons why people don't go to church

Popular author John Cox offers suggestions why fewer people are going to church these days and where the church needs to take action.

In the first part of the book he looks at the main reasons people give - some of them may even be just excuses but should not be ignored by churches.

The second part of the book considers the impact of the consumerist society and the scientific revolution on people’s beliefs and behaviour.

The book concludes with insights from the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection that offer ways forward and reminders of what must not be lost.
The Call To PartnershipMartin Leckebusch The author looks at the balance between God working in his people to produce the character of Christ and God working through his people to continue Christ’s work on earth. He examines this interplay in 12 biblical character studies. Using a mixture of narrative, commentary, background and reflection on Jacob, Mary, Hosea, Barnabas and others, the author shows how their faith and obedience developed and affected other people as they learned to cooperate with God.
The Life - Giving PathHelen Warwick Using inspirational stories and creative techniques to guide the reader through a virtual retreat, Helen Warwick explores ways to finding a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Her emphasis on personal reflection enables the reader to review their circumstances, find their uniqueness and connect to more life-giving ways.

The author nurtures and reassures the reader through rooms of an imaginary retreat house. She introduces therapeutic techniques to view ways of relating and thinking and includes valuable information about energy, mental health and nutrition.

This book belongs with the classics, to be read and re-read as a spiritually uplifting and immensely practical daily companion.’ Dr David McDonald, Consultant Psychiatrist and Trustee to The Guild of Health and St Raphael.
Being a Better PCCJohn Cox
How to be more effective in the life and mission of the local church

Written by a former archdeacon, here is an invaluable brief guide to the working of PCCs and the responsibilities of churchwardens. While of interest and assistance to all PCC members and even experienced churchwardens, the guide will be of special help to those who are newly appointed.

Set out in clear sections, the Guide provides information not only on the history of PCCs but also on the procedures for the election of members, their responsibilities, relevant legislation and suggestions to help PCCs be both effective and fun.

In addition, there are separate sections covering the role and responsibilities of churchwardens.
Kevin Mayhew - Christian Books and CDs Catalogue - 2016 Kevin Mayhew - Christian Books and CDs Catalogue - Information correct at the time of printing (JAN 2016).
Staying CloseRussell Herbert
A Lent Course exploring intimacy with God.

This study course explores how we might grow closer to God in and through various aspects of our ordinary daily life. Each session includes reflection on a Bible passage, discussion questions, stories, illustrations, activities, prayers and suggestions for action.

Staying Close is intended for group use, but also useful for individuals. The course has been written for Lent, although is suitable for any time of year.
Seven Whole DaysTom Carson, Raymond Tomkinson
Finding God in everyday life

Seven whole days explores how faith and a relationship with God in prayer can impact every day of the week, not just Sundays, and how we might take a sense of God’s presence into our daily routines.
Lamps - Complete Common Worship Talks and ActivitiesDavid Adam Since it was first published in three volumes, Lamps has proved consistently popular among leaders of groups for 6-10 year olds. We are now republishing David Adam’s teaching programme in a single volume, covering Years A, B and C of Common Worship, and alongside Candles, its companion volume for younger children. There have been minor revisions and updates but the content and flavour of the original are unchanged. This revised edition now includes a CD-Rom of the worksheets for every Sunday.
A Daily Saying All About GodGerald O’ Mahony A short, thought-provoking saying about God for every day of the year in a diary format, with space for notes on each page.

The first rule in communicating is to presume that the person I am speaking to is a person of good will. In our speaking with God we need to do the same: to presume that the Father of Jesus is a Person of complete good will. These sayings are about God as my Father, before ever we come to say our Father.

This would make an excellent gift
Candles - Complete Common Worship Talks and ActivitiesDavid Adam Candles was first published in three volumes, one for each year of the liturgical cycle. Since then David Adam’s teaching programme has proved to be of enduring value as a resource for those who lead children’s groups of pre-school age to 5 years. It is now being republished as a single volume, alongside its companion volume for older children, Lamps, covering Years A, B and C of Common Worship. Apart from minor revisions and updates the content of the original book remains the same. This revised edition includes a CD-Rom of the worksheets for every Sunday.
Houses of PrayerRay Simpson Highlights examples of houses of prayer in the Bible, the early Church and contemporary life. A rich resource, providing practical suggestions for those who are considering setting up or developing a prayer house and offering an amazing array of prayer suggestions for private and public, part-time and full-time prayer houses.

'Houses of Prayer' is for faith groups who want to base their work in a house, Christians who would like their home to become a house of prayer but don’t know how to go about it, and those who have never thought about it before but may be inspired to have a go.
Loneliness - A study course in six sessionsPaul Cox Considers some of the complexities surrounding the issue of loneliness and examines the distinction between loneliness and solitude. A study course of six sessions with two main parts to each session: Points to consider - information on the session topic; and Points to discuss - material for discussion by the study group.
Whispers of LoveJeremy Brooks
Helping to create a unique and personal tribute to a loved one

An anthology of readings, music and prayers drawing together a wide array of resources to help craft a funeral service. Some are from the Bible and traditional religious sources, some are contemporary and some previously unpublished.

'Whispers of Love' aims to help families in a time of grief to create a service that speaks of the love they held for the loved one who has died. To help transform a funeral service from a formal and impersonal marking of a person’s life into a unique and personal tribute to a loved one.
Where Is God in Depression?Patrick Coghlan
Your journey through depression or anxiety

This imaginatively written & easy - to - read book looks at depression and anxiety and discovers where God is in it all and includes a variety of user-friendly resources, as well as some creative ideas for drawing closer to God and recording the reader’s journey through depression or anxiety.
Encourages an understanding of Christian teaching related to depression and anxiety, to enable those living with it to recognise God’s presence even at the lowest times, to discover ways of reaching out to God even when it is difficult, and to experience the power of prayer and healing.
Good Morning Tuesday!Sarah Watts, Nick Fawcett Twenty more songs for collective worship, with themes that include valuing self, compassion, forgiveness, humility, generosity, social concern and hope.

Some songs are upbeat and simple, suitable for Key Stage one, but there are also songs for Key Stage two that tackle world and moral issues. Sarah’s and Nick Fawcett’s greatest talents are their abilities to write contemporary words and tunes that everybody wants to sing.

Includes 2 CD's
The Bumper Book of Resources : Easter, Ascension & Pentecost (Volume 4) Various The Bumper Book of Resources: Easter, Ascension & Pentecost Draws together material from a wide range of sources, includes CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations to enliven learning and interactive worship. An invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material both for general and all-age worship. Also in the series: Volume 1: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls & Remembrance (1501482) Volume 2: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (1501483) Volume 3: Holy Week (1501484) Volume 5: Dying, Death & Funerals (1501524) Volume 6: Lent (1501532)
The Bumper Book of Resources: Holy Week (Volume 3) Various The Bumper Book of Resources: Holy Week Draws together material from a wide range of sources, includes CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations to enliven learning and interactive worship. An invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material both for general and all-age worship. Also in the series: Volume 1: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls & Remembrance (1501482) Volume 2: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany (1501483) Volume 4: Easter, Ascension and Pentecost (1501496) Volume 5: Dying, Death & Funerals (1501524) Volume 6: Lent (1501532)
More All-Age Talks for Lent, Holy Week & EasterNick Fawcett If the thought of giving a talk for all-age worship leaves you wondering what to say and how to say it, here are 25 brilliant fully worked out ideas.

Popular author Nick Fawcett leads you step by step through every aspect of the preparation and presentation of his tried and tested talks for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

There are many imaginative and enjoyable ways to get your ideas across, including quizzes, games and puzzles.
Collected Prayers for Lent, Holy Week and Easter for Public WorshipNick Fawcett For those entrusted with leading public prayer during Lent, Holy Week and Easter here is the perfect resource: a complete collection of Nick Fawcett’s prayers relating to these well-loved seasons.

Extensively revised and adapted, with many new congregational responses, they offer an easy-to-use resource that will help the busy worship leader to lead prayer more effectively throughout this special time of year.
Follow MeAmy Robinson A daily Lent course for all the family, with stories, activities and reflections. Each week leading up to Easter focuses on a particular Bible passage about being called to follow Jesus.

For all the family. The format provides a new activity for every day of the week but the daily suggestions could also be selected and rearranged to provide a single weekly study or family prayer time, depending on what suits your family best.
999 PrayersRupert Bristow A resource for home, church and school, for personal and pastoral use and for public worship, this compendium of prayers is invaluable for most occasions and situations. Rupert has written 999 prayers for many different needs, from short 'arrow' prayers in emergencies to careful intercessions for difficult situations. The Christian year and the principal saints are also celebrated here. Keep this book safely to hand or it will be borrowed, borrowed and borrowed again. Better still, use the accompanying CD- Rom to incorporate these prayers in intercessions, service sheets and special events. You will even find graces for meals and vestry prayers between these covers.
Called to GreatnessRaymond Tomkinson Raymond Tomkinson seeks to contribute to debate on the subject and to offer a language for the articulation of God -given ambition for the world. Exploring the relationship between vocation and ambition, he teases out the difference between laudable ambition and self-serving ambition. He hopes to make the subject less unattractive and to demonstrate the laudable ambition is a valuable asset and resource to the Church for the building of the Kingdom.

For personal reflection, although the book contains sections titled ‘Pause for reflection’, helpful to individuals or as an aid to group discussion.
Being There - The Healing Power of PresenceMichael Forster With the insight born out of his own deep experience of both therapeutic and spiritual practice, the author explores what it means to be a pastoral companion. He examines the areas of personal choice and responsibility, regrets and disappointments, appropriate boundary setting and supervision.
Positive Prayers For Cities - A Resource For WorshipBarbara Glasson A book of prayers that challenges the unspoken assumption that the countryside is God-filled and the city is God-forsaken. Prayers are divided into 4 main sections based on the liturgical calendar, with a pick-and-mix section at the back featuring prayers for particular groups of people within the urban environment.
The Book of Uncommon PrayerAnnie Heppenstall Woven together are natural and biblical imagery and the traditions of liturgical prayer, to resource us in relating to creation, God and one another in deep, dynamic and relevant ways.

"Annie has written as if I am reading the deepest words of my heart. The beauty and simplicity of language makes these prayers wholly accessible for so many people. Her helpful guidance on how and where these prayers might be used is generous and honest."
Revd Diana Dingles Greenfield, Avalon Pioneer Minister

"This is a profound and rich collection that can be used by Christians and seekers alike, helping us express some of our deepest emotions around loss, death, our bodies, the earth, hope, remorse and hardship, as well as prayers and rituals to help us to celebrate the challenge and joy of being alive by marking the moments that matter."
Madeleine Parkes, Spiritual Care Practitioner, Birmingham and Solihull mental health NHS foundation trust

"There are few books that have excited me as much as this one for the potential it contains to be a major force in the renewing of our approach to prayer. Far more than a book of alternative liturgies, Annie goes to great lengths to explain, educate and challenge her readers. Drawn into its creative overflowing of ideas, I find myself imagining all kinds of ways in which the texts could be used. This is a goldmine of resources!"
Revd Paul Cudby, Bishop’s Advisor for New Religious Movements, Forest Church leader and parish priest
Eating Curry for Heaven’s Sake!Barbara Glasson Never was there a more important moment for inter-religious engagement, yet never did it feel more difficult. But with this book in one hand and a freshly cooked chapati in the other, the first steps will seem possible!

Divided into six short study chapters and interspersed with recipes, questions, reflections, stories and lots of practical suggestions, Eating Curry for Heaven’s Sake is an invaluable resource for Christians of any age, either as individuals or in a group. It encourages honest and open dialogue, challenges us to name our fears, and prompts even the most rural church communities to engage. As Barbara Glasson says, ‘There’s no such thing as an expert, but no excuse for ignorance.’

Suitable for house groups, youth gatherings, student discussions or focused engagement during Lent or Advent, this book will help ordinary Christians to become more confident and resilient. It names what’s unpalatable but also relishes the rich diet of multiculturalism. So, let’s Eat Curry for Heaven’s Sake!
Susie Hare - Autobiography A Different SongSusie Hare The Christian songwriter’s own joyous story as she lives with Parkinson’s Disease

Autobiography of popular Christian songwriter and professional pianist Susie Hare.
Christian witness. Written in an easy, readable style, Susie Hare’s memoirs encourage the reader to keep going in life’s trials and are a testament to God’s faithfulness when life doesn’t go quite as expected.

CD With 5 Susie's songs included
Beastly Bible Stories - Book 3 Claire Benton-Evans 12 lively-told Old Testament stories ‘full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children’s Bible stories are afraid to mention.

WARNING!!! -This book contains human sacrifice, man-eating dogs and murder on the toilet!’ Similar in style to ‘Horrible Histories’

Are YOU brave enough for... BEASTLY BIBLE STORIES?