Cross Examined

Cross Examined

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Cross Examined
The Crucified and Resurrection Christ are icons, objects of worship and veneration, and our understanding of them cannot be separated from their place in scripture, liturgy and devotion. In them we find Christ looking at us, disturbing us with questions which confront us, out institutions, relationships, self-image and out inner sense of being.

This book addresses not only what we ask of Scripture, but what scripture asks of us. In investigating the Cross and the Resurrection, it is we who are cross-examined. In them we seek to glimpse something of the truth God has revealed and through them we hope to discover something more of the mystery which is ourselves.
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Since ordination, nearly 40 years ago, John has been a parish priest; Senior Selection Secretary at Church House, Westminster; Director of Ordinands, and  Canon  at  Southwark Cathedral;

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