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Footprints CD

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Prayers, poems and favourite Bible texts
You’ll find not just the universally loved Footprints on this special recording but also many other favourite prayers and scriptures. It is a collection of reflective texts which have inspired, uplifted and comforted generations of people, beautifully read by Sarah Mayhew and perfectly complemented by the inspirational music of such composers as Margaret Rizza, Austin Kershaw and Keith Duke.
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The Lord’s Prayer
Take time
The difference
From a friend
I asked Jesus
Never too busy to care
Someone who cares
Make me willing
A messenger of your love
Prayer of dedication
Prayer of Francis of Assisi
God grant me serenity
A prayer for patience
God has not promised
Be at peace
The Lord our protector
Safe in God’s keeping
Don’t quit
Life’s lessons
Christ be with me
Your will be done
I am with you always
Wings of faith
Twenty-third Psalm
When dreams are broken
Do not be afraid
God is the answer
Death is nothing at all
From the Lord of love
Hold my hand
What is dying
Marriage prayer
Guide for a loving home
If I could
A prayer for those who live alone
When you’re lonely
A blessing
The peace of God
I said a prayer
The beatitudes
An old Gaelic blessing