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Fun Organ Collection

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15 Playful parodies for organ.
15 Playful parodies for organ,
Many organists when they're improvising like to play tricks on their congregation, by irreverently hiding a popular melody in the music and seeing if it gets spotted. Here is a collection of 15 tuneful pieces, mostly based on familiar tunes, for livening up a service of for concert and recital use
A Joyful Splash
Battle Capers
Britannia Waives the Rules
Dance of the Watery Stave
Dance with the Saints
Hornpipe Humoresque
March Past Carmen
Menagerie Musicale
Mr Purcell’s Trumpeting Tune and Air
Rave Trumpet Voluntary
The Camptown Races Gallop
The Organist’s Country Garden
To a Slightly Wilder Rose!
Up She Rises!
Wedding March Extraordinaire