Grappling With God Volume 1

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Grappling With God Book 1 -- Law and Promise

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Shed new light on familiar bible stories
New Cover For 2015

Grappling with God is a complete resource which sheds new light on familiar Bible stories by means of prayer, meditation, study and discussion. It is designed for small groups and personal use.

Themes covering the whole spectrum of human emotion and experience, relevant to every Christian, are teased out of the Bible stories, then opened up in meditation which forms the central focus of each session.

Each book contains twenty sessions which follow a similar programme:

• Introduction - setting the theme and showing its relevance for today • Bible reading • Meditation • Points to ponder • Discussion openers • Follow-up suggestions • Prayer

Nick fawcett

Brought up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Nick Fawcett served as a Baptist minister for 13 years, and as a chaplain with TocH for 3, before deciding to focus on writing and editing, which he continues with today,

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