Hey You!

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Hey You!

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Hey You!
Stages: Teenage
Young people will love the new, exciting approach in this thoroughly attention-grabbing novel. Wacky artwork peppers the pages, and lots of eye-catching phrases literally jump out at you.

This is a story which really stretches the imagination. Pete's growing up and it's confusing. Do big boys cry? How do you cope when there's a girl on your mind? Who is speaking when mind and spirit meet? Pete is waking up and will never be the same again . . . and neither will you.

This is a book young people can read, study, talk about and discuss with friends.

It tackles issues like:

• Who made me and the world? • Why is it both wonderful and horrible? • Is Someone doing anything at all about injustice, poverty, racism, fear and death? • Is there something more? • Who is the God-Man? • Is he interested in my issues?

You don't so much read as experience this book and it certainly makes young people stop and think.