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The Challenge Of The Lord’s PrayerJohn Cox You’ve said the Lord’s Prayer so often that you know it off by heart. But does it still challenge you? Can you truly stand up to the demands of this most holy and beloved of prayers?

In his new book, The Challenge of the Lord’s Prayer, author John Cox forces us to face the prayer of Jesus head on and not to pray it lightly. He provides valuable insights into its meaning and relevance today, raising important questions to challenge those who have the courage to pray this ancient prayer with a true and living faith.

As John says: “We sometimes think that prayer is all about asking, but in asking for things for ourselves, our very asking challenges us about what we are doing - in relation to God and in relation to others.”

John Cox was ordained priest in the Anglican Church in 1968 and has worked as curate and rector of an inner-city ex-slum parish in Birmingham, as well as being Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Post-ordination training. Having retired twice, he now spends his time writing, playing golf and enjoying river cruises.

The Challenge of the Lord’s Prayer insists that we put God first in our praying and demands that, as we ask God for forgiveness, we consider the needs of others and how we, in turn, forgive them. And it calls us to stand up to the evil in our world today.

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On Your Ordination With love on this special day

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace. Romans 15:13
Thank You A true friend is always loyal. Proverbs 17:17
Happy Birthday Little Angel With much love

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17
Footprints Blank Inside
With Love on Your First Communion God bless you today and always Trust in God at all times. Psalm 62:8
With Love God has poured out his love into our hearts. Romans 5:5
Still Valued and BlessedPatrick Coghlan What exactly is old age? Grey hair? A pension? A state of mind? Whatever it is, and however it is defined, one thing is for sure: God wants our lives to continue to be valued and blessed.

In his new book, Still Valued and Blessed, author Patrick Coghlan encourages everyone entering and journeying through old age to do so with a positive attitude and to live a spiritually fruitful and fulfilling life.

As Patrick says: “I am sure that God doesn’t want us to stop living fulfilling lives - filled with joy and hope - just because we have reached a certain age. We still have spiritual needs to be met, callings to fulfil, and new things to learn!”

Patrick Coghlan is a Baptist Minister and chaplain for a care trust. He has considerable experience of working with people of most age groups, in the context of providing ministry and care. His first book was published in 2001 and he has since written a variety of Christian resources for different age groups, and some family novels.

Still Valued and Blessed is a personal resource written predominantly for older people and those approaching this time of life. This much-needed guide aims to help us all approach, enter and journey through old age positively and to discover a new wealth of spiritual fruitfulness, with joy and hope. It examines biblical teaching about God’s purpose for our whole lives, encouraging us to be challenged by new experiences and opportunities, and to learn from those older characters in the Bible who served God in truly amazing ways.
Adventure Awaits Celebrate!

May you be blessed by the Lord, the Master of heaven and earth. Psalm 115:15
Have An Epic Birthday Best wishes

Shout for joy and gladness. Psalm 35:27
Yours Will Be A Happy Home Wishing you every blessing in your new home

Let the name of the Lord be praised. Psalm 113:2
On Your Induction With prayers and good wishes
With Love and Sympathy Remembering you at this sad time
On Our Wedding Anniversary My love for you grows stronger each day

God has poured out his love into out hearts. Romans 5:5
With Love and Sympathy Thinking of you at this sad time
With Love on Your Christening Rejoicing with you on this special day. Give thanks to the Lord. Psalm 105:1
It's Your Birthday Have a great day!

Shout for joy and gladness. Psalm 35:27
Easter Bookmarks - X40 Pack A wonderful gift for Easter to keep and treasure. Four beautiful designs and thoughtfully chosen Bible verses, making these the perfect Easter gift.

Available in packs of 40, 10 of each design.
Celebrating a New Beginning May God bless and guide you God is with you everywhere you go. Genesis 28:15
On your Dedication With love on this special occasion
On Your Baptism May God bless and guide you

I have called you by name and you are mine. Isaiah 43:1
On Your Baptism With best wishes on your special day
On Becoming an Elder God bless you on this special day and always Wisdom is better than strength. Ecclesiastes 9:16
On Your Wedding Day Congratulations

May the Lord make your love for each other increase and overflow. I Thessalonians 3:12
Welcome To Your Family Wishing you every blessing Praise the Lord for he is good. Psalm 135:3
On The Anniversary Of Your Ordination God's blessings on this special day. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. psalm 119:105
Thank You May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 115:15
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Women's Ceramic keepsake Confirmation Cross Women's ceramic Confirmation cross, cream bead with silver bead
Men's Ceramic Keepsake Confirmation Cross Men's ceramic keepsake Confirmation cross, Black checked ribbon
Bless This House Ceramic Keepsake With Ribbon Bless This House Ceramic with ribbon
With Love On Mothering Sunday Bookmarks - X40 Pack A practical gift for Mothering Sunday to keep and treasure. Four beautiful designs and thoughtfully chosen Bible verses.

Available in packs of 40, 10 of each design.
Razzamajazz GuitarSarah Watts Razzamajazz Guitar has lots of upbeat pieces with a ‘feel-good’ accompaniment that budding guitarists are bound to enjoy!

New notes are introduced gradually and the CD has play-along tracks for practice and performance.

Sarah’s fun-to-play tunes, written alongside classical guitar expert Steve Christmas, will give beginners the encouragement and confidence they need to progress quickly and sound really great!
50 Favourite Folk Hymns Various

The Kevin Mayhew hymn writers have contributed countless new songs to the worldwide Church for over 40 years.

Here are 50 of the most popular - a reminder as to why they go on being sung in every nation and every land.

The Kevin Mayhew writers
Mike Anderson, Patrick Appleford, John Ballantine, Mary Barrett, Sandra Joan Billington Eileen Binding, Michael Cockett, Madeleine Cuddy, Keith Duke, Michael Forster, John Glynn, Peter Gonsalves, Ronald Green, Andrew Grinnell, Susie Hare, Jean Holloway, Francesca Leftley, Damian Lundy, Robin Mann, Gerard Markland, Kevin Mayhew, Christine McCann, Colin Murphy, Aniceto Nazareth, Kevin Nichols, David Palmer, Hubert J. Richards, Christopher Tambling, Estelle White, James Wright

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Easy-to-play Jazz Standards for PianoMarian Hellen Easy-to-Play Jazz Standards for Piano is a delightful collection of pieces artfully arranged to be easily accessible to players of around Grade 2-3 standard, without losing the essence and energy of the music. With styles ranging from blues to Dixieland and ragtime to swing, there are favourites from legends such as ‘Fats’ Waller, Jerome Kern, George Gershwin and Glen Miller, plus many other gems from that great jazz era.
Five Note PhilharmonicSarah Watts Five Note Philharmonic is a collection of pieces for a flexible beginner ensemble of any size.

The music has been carefully written so that each part will only use five easy notes. As much as possible, these will be the very earliest notes learned on each instrument, but a slightly harder B flat melody part has been included to enable a more advanced instrumentalist to play the melody line.

The pieces are in a variety of upbeat and fun styles and provide an easy but inspiring introduction to playing in an instrumental ensemble.

• No part uses more than five notes
• Instrumental parts can be photocopied
Jazz Keys Flute - Level 2Lindsey Berwin Jazz Keys is a brand-new series of five books of short pieces, designed to develop students’ sight-reading skills and awareness of key, using fun material which supports the sight-reading requirements of the ABRSM examination board. The pieces are in a variety of styles, notably rock, swing and Latin, increasing in difficulty from Level 1 up to Level 5. Keys covered in Level 2: C Major/A Minor, F Major/D Minor, G Major/E Minor, D Major/B Minor. Each book comes with an accompanying CD. The backing tracks first appear with the melody incorporated, then as minus one, covering all the keys of that level.
Last Verses AmazingJune Nixon Last Verses Amazing is a breathtaking collection of feel-good last verse harmonies for fifty of the best-loved hymn tunes, by our ever-popular composer June Nixon.

Full of musical felicities, easily playable and a delight to the ear, they are given in a choice of keys to match all major hymn books.

Just take a look at the contents!

The music in this book is extracted from Hymns Amazing.
(1450453 - ISBN 9781848678125).
The Scandal Of Christian DisunionNicholas King There is nothing new about divisions in the Church, and all of us could tell stories of Christians faced with interdenominational tensions. The fact remains that the Church has, especially today, an absolute duty to proclaim the gospel; but we always need to check that it is indeed the gospel that we are trying to preach. For we are fallible and sinful and we can get it wrong.

The first chapter of Nicholas King’s book considers the scandal of Christian disunion, and in particular the mystery whereby perfectly good people seem content to live with the scandal. Then he looks at each of the 27 documents that constitute the New Testament and demonstrates that the writers were well aware of the possibility of divisions in the Church and that they had a way of coping with the divisions, by keeping their eyes on God and on Jesus.

The final part of the book considers one particular issue that divides Christians of the Roman Catholic Church from other Christians, namely the role given to Mary the mother of Jesus, and in particular to the two teachings about her Immaculate Conception and her Assumption, and whether the Catholic position represents an unbridgeable gap for Christians from other traditions.
Let Us Worship The LordJohn Cox This compendium of prayers, reflections, Bible-based monologues, sermon ideas and full services is a valuable resource for those who devise and lead worship. As well as more general material, the focus is on the two great festivals of Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.

The book contains over 300 prayers, with opening prayers, confessions, intercessions and blessings set out for the Christian Year and specific topics.

The material is drawn from books already published by our popular author, John Cox and is brought together here to assist those looking for background information, ideas for sermons, prayers and talks as they prepare to lead congregations in their worship.

The reflections will both stimulate and encourage them in their own spiritual journey.
Revelations of Glory David Adam

Saints are not set apart as perfect or sinless, for they have the same weaknesses as all humans, but they are who God has called them to be and in being themselves, they reveal God’s glory. Saints are people who work in common union with God and he is seen at work in their lives. This book is to introduce you to some of the people who are heroes of the Church and are revelations of God’s glory. We share a common union with them, for we have the same Creator and Redeemer and the same Spirit of God: in God we are one with them.

Each celebration of a saint follows the same format: a short introduction to the saint’s life, the Scripture readings for the saint’s day, which are taken mainly from the Common Worship Lectionary, an opening prayer, intercessions, the peace and a blessing.

Together with its companion volume Icons of Glory, this book will encourage you to explore the common union to which we all belong and to discover God’s call to you, which is unique. This is a call to be a fellow worker with God and to reveal his glory in your life.

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The Bumper Book of Resources: All-Age Worship (Volume 7)Various This Bumper Book (together with its companion volumes) draws together material from a wide range of sources and a number of top authors to create an invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material both for general and all-age worship, that covers the major festivals of the Christian year.

Also in the series:
Volume 1: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance (1501482)
Volume 2: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (1501483)
Volume 3: Holy Week (1501484)
Volume 4: Easter, Ascension and Pentecost (1501496)
Volume 5: Dying, Death and Funerals (1501524)
Volume 6: Lent (1501532)

With the exception of Volume 5, each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations that can be reproduced to enliven learning and interactive worship.
Jazz Keys Flute - Level 1Lindsey Berwin

Jazz Keys is a brand-new series of 5 books, taking a novel approach to improving students’ sight-reading skills, whilst supporting the requirements of the ABRSM examination board.

In the same manner as FunKey!, its piano counterpart, Jazz Keys contains pieces in a variety of styles, notably rock, swing and Latin, increasing in difficulty from Level 1 up to Level 5. Uniquely, these pieces first appear in C major/A minor, then in the other keys needed for the comparable examination sight-reading tests. In this way, the students’ sense of key and their understanding of transposition will be developed and reinforced.

Each book comes with an accompanying CD, helping to improve the students’ rhythmic awareness and their ability to play fluently. The combination of fun material and wonderfully crafted backing tracks is sure to appeal to students of all ages, and to change sight-reading into a pleasurable activity.

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Beastly Bible Stories - Book 8Claire Benton-Evans
Turning the world upside down

So you think the Bible is boring?


12 lively-told and illustrated New Testament stories, also including a Beastly bonus story! ‘full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children’s Bible stories are afraid to mention.
This book contains wildfire, a deadly sermon and a ten-headed monster!’

Are YOU brave enough for BEASTLY BIBLE STORIES?
Favourite Sacred SolosVarious Here is a new collection of many of the best-loved sacred solos. The voice part is intended primarily for sopranos or tenors, but many of the settings lie in the middle range of these voices and can equally well be sung by altos or basses.

The music has been arranged so that it may be played on the piano, organ or any keyboard.
Kevin Mayhew - Everything You Need for Lent and Easter Catalogue - 2017

Everything You Need for Lent and Easter Catalogue - 2017

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Kevin Mayhew - Shine Brightly With Church Supplies Catalogue - 2016

Shine Brightly With Church Supplies - Information correct at time of printing November 2016

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Kevin Mayhew - Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter Titles Catalogue - 2016

Unwrap Epic Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter Titles Catalogue - 2016

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Kevin Mayhew - Lent & Easter Must - Haves Catalogue - 2017

Lent & Easter Must - Haves Catalogue - 2017

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A Simple CommunionSet To Music By Kevin Mayhew Tuneful, easy-to-sing, lovely harmonies and music that reflect the texts – that's how we describe this setting. The accompaniment may be played either by the music group or on the organ.

All four sections, the Lord, have mercy, Glory to God, Holy, holy, holy Lord and Lamb of God are recorded on the CD, which may be used to learn the music or as a backing track in church.

We think your choir and congregation will love A Simple Communion.
Ooffy Socks And Other Unusual Hymns For ChildrenJohn Campbell

John Campbell has written a brand-new collection of 80 innovative songs for children and young people, set to well-known and attractive, easily accessible tunes.

He has chosen children-friendly, often lively tunes, lowered to make them easily singable, so that the hymns can be sung immediately, with the focus on the words, not concentrating on learning a new tune. Many of these songs contain word play or even newly-invented words. There are a few tunes not usually found in a hymn book and these have all been recorded with their full lyrics on the accompanying CD.

John Campbell isn’t afraid to tackle big, difficult issues but it’s certainly not all serious. The Bible is woven into almost all the songs, in ways that connect with life for young people today. Here is a collection that is sure to challenge, encourage, engage and intrigue.

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Credible WitnessesJohn Parr John’s Gospel includes a broad spectrum of witnesses to Jesus, whose wide-ranging responses and stories are an attempt to persuade audiences of their points of view on Jesus, which range from positive to negative. The evangelist wants his readers to become more confident in their faith, hence his desire to tell a credible story (or series of stories) about Jesus.

Credible Witnesses follows John’s lead by allowing many of his characters to speak about Jesus by telling their stories. This involves imagination and even conjecture at times. In each of the chapters of this book, a character’s testimony is illuminated with some background information, before going on to show how John uses the testimony as part of the witness of his Gospel as a whole. Each chapter ends with some reflections that help to draw John’s Gospel into the present.
Listen UpVarious

Here’s an exciting new collection of 50 contemporary children’s hymns and songs for praise and worship. Written out of deep personal faith and a powerful sense of justice and social concern, these hymns and songs will challenge children and young people and assist them in their worship to reflect the gospel imperative to serve in love and truth. Included in this full-music edition are 2 CD's with full vocals that cover every song in the book.

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Experiencing God In Unexpected PlacesPatrick Coghlan Aimed at a variety of readerships, Experiencing God in Unexpected Places is for those who want to know more about the meaning and significance of the Beatitudes, and to gain a greater understanding of the nature of joy and blessing.

The book will also help people who are coming to terms with difficult times, and all those who struggle to understand how we can experience God, his joy and blessing, even in the more negative situations in life – sometimes more so.

Patrick Coghlan examines how we are able to deal with the more negative experiences often faced in life; to have a deeper joy, to receive more of God’s blessing, and to experience the Triune God (God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit) in new and significant ways eternally. Also, how we can appreciate more fully all the joy and blessings that God showers upon us on a daily basis; though not everyone attributes them to God.

Each Beatitude is divided into two halves, which are looked at in alternate chapters. The first half is the challenge of the Beatitude, and the second half is the blessing of the Beatitude. The Appendix at the end of the resource invites and assists the reader to go on a physical journey of prayer, based on the Beatitudes.
Leading For A ChangePaul Canon Harris 'Leading for a Change' offers practical advice and insights, and explores issues such as:

*Why the leader needs to be a navigator and interpreter.
*How growth and success can knock you off-track.
*How to apply insights from business in the church and other voluntary settings.
*What happens when leaders spend more time managing than leading.
*How we learn from mistakes
*How to pace change.
*How to communicate change honestly.
*What makes change too costly.