Let Us Pray

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Let Us Pray

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Bidding prayers for young people
Here is a sensitively written collection of bidding prayers that are ideal for use at assemblies, school masses, and parish masses or other gatherings which include young people from the ages of 8 upwards. There are 69 sets of prayers divided into 38 themed sections, plus a useful index that links Let Us Pray to the themes of the Lectionary.

My story so far...

I was born in Zambia to parents, ‘pioneers’ of their time, who in 1955 bravely chose to leave the family farm in Northern Ireland to begin married life on the other side of the world, growing tobacco in Africa. Due to my mother’s ill health, my family returned to Northern Ireland when I was almost three years old, and I experienced growing up during ‘the troubles’. My childhood was immersed in marvellous tales of wildest Africa, and the adventures and challenges of living there at that time.


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