Naked Christianity eBook

Naked Christianity eBook

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Naked Christianity eBook by Cris Rogers. Helping young people grasp issues of faith.
Naked Christianity eBook by Cris Rogers.

Questions, questions, questions! You're itching to get your Christian life on the move. You're so on fire with your newfound faith, but it's a complicated business and you want to find answers to the many queries that keep hitting you in the face.

Cris Rogers' Naked Christianity is an excellent starting point. He's immersed in full-time youth work and has a wealth of experience in dealing with questions fired off by enquiring young people!

So, if you still find it gobsmackingly unbelievable that Jesus would do what he did - for you! - and if you need to find out more about what the Bible says and why it says it like does, let's get cracking and strip Christianity bare!