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A contemporary look at Lent for youth.
A stonkingly good book, ideal for group use; the language is friendly, the humour wry.'

Intended to annoy, disturb, raise a smile, and generally get under your skin, this book uses contemporary versions of the Lectionary readings for Lent to explore issues which affect us daily. Pete encourages us to read and study but also to argue, with each other and with God, as he unpacks themes which make us question, think and even act.

About Pete Towsend: Pete's life so far has been a rich tapestry of experience. From his humble beginnings on a bathroom floor in London, through college, to a period as an itinerant guitarist and then teaching, Pete now works as a school Liaison Manager. He's even managed time to get married to Ruth, a teacher and co-ordinator for RE, who helps him to juggle parenthood, education, music, writing, membership of various education committees and trying to find a clean pair of socks.

Deciding to become a writer during a Math lesson at Primary school, Pete’s literary career began as a furniture salesman. After three years of University, he began teaching at a local Further Education College. With a brief sojourn as Head of Department in a Secondary school, and studying for a Post Graduate Diploma, a decision was made to indulge his passion for writing and playing music.

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