Pick Up and Run Assemblies Book 2

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Pick Up and Run Assemblies - Book 2

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Fifteen easy assemblies for primary school in each book: minimum preparation, maximum effect! KS - 1+2
Key Stage 1 - 2

Designed to have maximum impact on the children and minimum impact on your time-pressured working day, these sessions, delivered in a succinct, punchy, child friendly style, have everything you need. Down-to-earth messages are linked with everyday objects.

Nick has been involved in schools for many years as a teacher, leader of assemblies, and latterly as an inspector of  church schools. He works for the Church of England in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, and has written a number of books and resources for working with children and young people both in school and in church.

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• New Year
• Harvest
• St George
• St Patrick
• St Andrew
• St David
• Holidays
• Celebrations
• Tests and challenges
• New school year
• Safe places
• Moving on
• Welcoming others
• God loves us as we are
• Working together