Praying In Song - Words Plastic

Praying In Song - Words Plastic

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Hymns and songs for young people.
Praying in Song is a new hymnbook for Catholic Secondary Schools and Youth Groups. It aims to bring together music which will encourage students in their search for a living, vibrant faith.

Christine Byrne McCann, Headteacher of a large Catholic secondary school and the composer of popular hymns such as 'Gifts of bread and wine', has called on a lifetime of experience to compile Praying in Song. The result is a generous collection of music that will interest and inspire young people; accessible but thought-provoking, many contemporary but all meaningful. They will find here much that reflects their youthful enthusiasm for life and love and all that is good and just and wholesome.

A glance at the contents list will confirm the broad editorial policy followed by Christine Byrne McCann; hymns from the past which still speak to young people, songs from the Renewal movement of recent years, as well as many new pieces appearing here for the first time - including a special hymn for the Millennium.

Special care has been taken to ensure that the keys chosen are within the normal vocal range of adolescent voices. The accompaniments are for pianists of moderate ability, and guitar chords are given throughout.