Razzamajazz Really Easy Band Book

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Razzamajazz Really Easy Band Book

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Quick Overview

The fun and exciting way to play together
An entertaining and inspiring way to play together for people in the early stages of learning an instrument. Even players who only know a couple of notes can join in the band! Simply mix and match according to what’s available. Everyone will enjoy learning Sarah Watt’s cool, jazzy tunes, and there’s a FREE CD of the tunes to help you learn.


Sarah has a passion for encouraging people to enjoy music. As Artistic Director of the National Youth Music Camps she plays a large part in promoting the Dankworth 'all music' philosophy that influenced her early years.

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"Razzamajazz was the first series I wrote and I still think it is one of the most useful. The idea behind the various instrumental versions was to provide a way of learning an instrument while playing actual pieces. I thought the teacher might find it a useful accompaniment to the traditional tutor book.

I really wanted to write pieces which made the student sound good, right from the very first note. I wanted to set the student up for success by writing each piece with a special accompaniment that made them feel they had achieved something great, and made them want to turn the page and learn more.." - Sarah Watts

A score
Three copies of C instrument melody 1 and 2
C harmony 1 and 2
B flat melody
Easy C and easy B flat melody
Two copies of bass
One copy of E flat and percussion