Razzamajazz Repertoire Violin

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Razzamajazz Repertoire Violin

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More fun pieces to get jazzy with
Grade 2 - 4

If you enjoyed Razzamajazz here are a few more pieces to 'get jazzy' with. They are written in a variety of styles and are for students to perform or just to improve technique or widen musical vocabulary. Razzamajazz Repertoire is rhythmically and melodic


Sarah has a passion for encouraging people to enjoy music. As Artistic Director of the National Youth Music Camps she plays a large part in promoting the Dankworth 'all music' philosophy that influenced her early years.

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"Razzamajazz was the first series I wrote and I still think it is one of the most useful. The idea behind the various instrumental versions was to provide a way of learning an instrument while playing actual pieces. I thought the teacher might find it a useful accompaniment to the traditional tutor book.

I really wanted to write pieces which made the student sound good, right from the very first note. I wanted to set the student up for success by writing each piece with a special accompaniment that made them feel they had achieved something great, and made them want to turn the page and learn more.." - Sarah Watts

Banana tango
Biscuit tin waltz
Black welly blues
Five jive!
Full on fizzy
Hay down hoe down
Humdinger hoe down
I got the A blues!
Lighten up!
Madge's maggot
Movie buster
Precious times
Shrimp circus
Shrimp in the shade
Shrimp shuffle
Sunshine green
Ten toe tapper
Umbrella man
Watering can man
Western hoe down