Ready Steady Clarinet! - Teacher Book

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Ready Steady Clarinet! - Teacher Book

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Ready, Steady Clarinet!

is a colourful flute book for early starters.
Ready, Steady Clarinet!
is a colourful Clarinet book for early starters.

Introducing the notes slowly and clearly, it teaches musical literacy with humour and fun. There are plenty of short pieces with jazzy piano or CD accompaniments at all stages. Many have funny words to air learning. Rhythm rhymes and performance ideas make playing the clarinet in the early stages even more fun!


Sarah has a passion for encouraging people to enjoy music. As Artistic Director of the National Youth Music Camps she plays a large part in promoting the Dankworth 'all music' philosophy that influenced her early years.

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To B, or not to
Just B
What’s the time? Ten to three
Hooray for A!
Walking to wherever
Stan’s plan
Watch that space!
Ready, steady, G!
Barefoot boogie
Ta dah!
Start and stop
New note E, you don’t scare me!
Look! Two hands!
Follow that spider!
When you’re standing in a queue
The dotty waltz
Think low
Smelly cheese
Have a banana
Just like that!
Thoughts and dreams
How do you do?
Odd sock samba
Who’s that?
Funnybone boogie
Howdy, high D
The chummy Charleston
September Saz
Proud moment
Buttercups and butterflies
Mike Oliver’s other tank top
Two note tune
Hey! Mr May
Woo hoo! – get you
Boating lake lullaby
Mrs Shrimp soon found out
I did it!