The Rock Cake Assembly Book

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The Rock Cake Assembly Book

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25 primary school assemblies – same basic ingredients, but each one with its own individual character. KS 1-2
This collection has assemblies using five of the following methods: Imaginative dramatic stories, Interactive stories with actions, Immediate two-person sketches, Improvised dramas, Inspirational group sketches. A major plus point is that each assembly has interactive elements, giving the children an opportunity to feel part of the action rather than merely listening and watching.
Suitable for Key Stage 1-2

Tony Bower was a Christian Schools Worker for NISCU (Northern Inter-schools Christian Union) and a regular contributor to Scripture Union's SALT magazine for 11-13s.

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Imaginative drama stories
Would you believe it?
I doubt it
A fist full of fish
What a catch!
Someone you can count on
Interactive stories with actions
A helping hand
Seeing who can help
Ears to hear
Something to share
A sorry story
Immediate two-person sketches
The walk of faith
The parable of the unjust judge
The rich ruler
The parable of the lost sheep
Sower sketch
Improvised dramas
The parable of the two sons
Forgive what?
Anyone for a party?
What a waste
The whining workers
Inspirational group sketches
Solid as a sandcastle
Some kind of friend
The light of understanding
Running the race
The parable of Pru