Sing Glory - Words Edition

Sing Glory - Words Edition

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Hymns, songs and psalms for a new century
This outstanding collection, suited especially to the Evangelical tradition of the Church of England, is compiled by the Jubilate group. You will find 698 hymns, psalms and worship songs here, all with up to four verses set between the music.

The ordering of material in Sing Glory is unique in design, and is aimed to assist the planning of worship services. It is divided into 23 sections, and separated into hymns, psalms and songs within each section, those sections being:

• Gathering for worship • Invocation • Praise and thanksgiving • Confessing our sins to God • Assurance of God's love and mercy for us • Adoration • Reading from Scripture • Prayers of intercession • Offering our gifts and talents to God • Sharing the peace and fellowship with one another • Affirming our belief • Celebrating Holy Communion • Healing services • Christian Initiation • Responding to God: in faith and trust in hope and confidence in love and devotion in unity and growth in mission in serving others in conflict and endurance in commitment and character • Special occasions