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Sing with the Stars

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Very special new songs for choirs
Here is a new collection of songs, designed to inspire singing – whether it be in schools, youth organisations, communities, for young and for old. Simple to sing, dramatic in effect, these songs written for two or three parts can be sung by small or large groups alike and will inspire the soul!

A new star in the Kevin Mayhew firmament of inspirational educational composers - Ali Dee!

Ali Dee lives in Nottingham and is married with three daughters. Over the last 25 years, Ali has worked with young children, mainly in Early Years and KS1. Her roles have ranged from childminder and teaching assistant to music specialist and music consultant. Ali's unique talent is writing for the voice and her music will instantly appeal to primary school children - it's tuneful, jazzy, attractive and memorable and great fun to sing.

Find out more about Ali Dee Click here and on our blog.

A smile
A tale of two hearts
Behind those quiet eyes
Chasing tomorrow
Have you ever had a day
Peace within my soul
Sing with the stars
Song of our life
This could be the moment