Singing Dancing Carpenter Cantata (Mini Score)

Singing Dancing Carpenter Cantata (Mini Score)

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Singing Dancing Carpenter Cantata (Mini Score)
This is a musical about celebrating life in all its fullness. Implicit in that is a protest against all that is life-denying in our world.

The focus of that, in this work, is Jesus, and the title picks up two things about him which were, according to people's point of view, highly attractive or utterly offensive. One was his festive lifestyle, and the other his comparatively humble station in society. Life, for him, was to be enjoyed and celebrated - and ordinary people were to be helped and encouraged to do so. This meant opposing everything which made life unnecessarily burdensome, especially guilt, prejudice and injustice. In turn, of course, this made him a threat to those who had a vested interest in those phenomena.

The musical divides into three parts. Part One concentrates upon the positive reactions of ordinary people, while Part Two highlights the opposition which was raised, especially in the religious establishment, and which led to the crucifixion. Part Three proclaims the belief that, in the end, life has the last word.