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A book in response to the Music Manifesto's report highlighting the importance of singing in schools…
Sarah Watts has worked her magic again. This new collection contains sizzling arrangements of popular songs as well as some fabulous new ones, all in Sarah’s inimitable upbeat and glitzy style. The songs are separated into highly appropriate categories, including ’Fun Time’, ’Warm Up’ and ’Old Time’. The teacher copy has piano accompaniment and a free Audio Download, featuring the voice of legendary singer Jacqui Dankworth. The pupil Words copy is in full colour throughout.
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Sarah has a passion for encouraging people to enjoy music. As Artistic Director of the National Youth Music Camps she plays a large part in promoting the Dankworth 'all music' philosophy that influenced her early years.

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All things shall perish
Alphabet athletics
Apple pickers’ reel
B.A. Star
Baby face
Ballin’ the Jack
Be kind to your web-footed friends
Chick, chick, chicken
Crazy words, crazy tunes
Dashing away with a smoothing iron
Everybody loves to swing
Grand finale (Sing ‘em a song!)
Ham and eggs!
How much is that doggie?
Humming around
I eat my peas with honey
I’m a nut!
Jelly, jelly in my belly!
K- K- K- Katy
Land of the silver birch
Last night’s pizza
Li’l Liza Jane
Lost sock lament
Lots of worms
Menu song
Michael Finnegan
Minding my business
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
My hat it has three corners
ld man Jazz
Retro radio
Rockin’ rhythms
Scale warm up
She was one of the early birds
Shrimps on tour
Side by side
Skiff skiffle!
The beach-house café
The bear climbed over the mountain
The dong dee dong song
The grand old Duke of York
The King Kong konga!
The shooba-dee do song
Wake up! Warm up!
Water come a me eye
We’re nearly at the end
When I first came to this land
When you’re smiling
Widdecombe Fair
You are my sunshine