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The New Testament - Young People's Pink Edition

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You'll totally love this modern version by Nicholas King.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said of Nicholas King’s translation of the New Testament ‘it hits you between the eyes’.

One reason for this is that Nick has not smoothed out the language to flatter modern ears, rather he gives us the story as the authors themselves would have told it, complete with grammatical errors and local dialect.

This means that the translation is not always easy to read. That is because the New Testament is not always easy reading; but we are certain that young Christians who use this translation will grow in their love of God’s word and they will find helpful notes here, so that passages that they thought were impossible to understand (or even impossible to believe) actually turn out to be God’s word for them.

‘Enjoy this extraordinary book’, says Nick King. ‘Step aboard and listen to the ancient voices that have been telling and hearing the stories for upwards of 2000 years and find your own story and your own journey to God written in them.’

Nicholas King

Nicholas King SJ is a Jesuit Priest who taught for many years in South Africa, and then at Oxford University. After a sabbatical year as a Visiting Professor at the School ofTheology and Ministry at Boston College, he is now Academic Director of Theology at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

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