Walking the Way of the Cross

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Walking the Way of the Cross

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Prayers for your personal journey
John Elliston draws from Jesus’ Way of the Cross, from the moment he is condemned, through to his carrying of the Cross and his death, to show how he suffers with us and how we can care for others who are suffering.

Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the Cross: we can offer others help, even strangers, by way of our ministering to them, be it only a smile or word of encouragement; the women of Jerusalem wept for Jesus: we weep as, feeling powerless, we watch those we love suffer, and we can offer them our compassion and faith; Jesus is stripped of his garments: many are robbed of self-worth by society as they age, grow infirm or suffer wasting disease, we can offer compassion and our belief that all they have lost will be restored in the love of Christ. Walking the Way of the Cross reminds us that Jesus has shared our humanity, has suffered for us, and that he walks with us, promising never to leave us.