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  1. Moments of Grace

    The Jesuit theologian Gerald O'Collins has authored or co-authored over seventy books. He taught for more than thirty years at that flagship of theology, the Gregorian University in Rome. His students have become professors in universities, colleges and seminaries around the world.

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  2. Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

    My first ever published book was prayers. I started writing it when I was sixteen or seventeen and it went out into the wild as a proper book when I was 18. I didn't start it as a book. That was never the intention. All that happened was that I read David Kossoff's book, You got a minute, Lord?, and had a go at writing my own stuff down. That was it.

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  3. 'Thy Kingdom Come'

    Thy Kingdom Come is fast approaching and, in our small, semi-rural parish, we have been gearing up for a while now.

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  4. Young Person's Quick Guide to Leadership - the why, when and where!

    "Harris, the Headmaster wants to see you as soon as possible in his study." was the summons. "Oh dear, I am in trouble." was my initial thought as I left my 6th form tutor group. I already regretted having confronted a partisan sports teacher from a visiting school the day before quite so aggressively. Now it appeared the matter was going to be taken further.

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  5. Have you ever imagined yourself as a castaway on the popular radio programme Desert Island Discs?

    Have you ever imagined yourself as a castaway on the popular radio programme Desert Island Discs? Along with the favourite records, book and luxury item, the guests are given a Bible as a matter of course.

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