Pay Day Delight



Covering everything from Daily Prayer to resources for All-Age Worship, with popular authors like Nick Fawcett and Claire Benton-Evans, from Nicholas King’s important new translation of the Bible to Study Courses for any time of the year, our Christian Book Department has all you or your church could need.

From Backing Track Resources like  No Organist? No Problem to get the whole congregation singing, even when you don’t have an organist, to the very best of Margaret Rizza, from soothing Celtic Sounds to Spoken Word, KM Records produces CDs for all situations, public and personal.

Our Sheet Music Department takes care of everything from Tutors to Repertoire, from Recorders to Ensembles and everything in between. Featuring some of the most influential composers from over the years, including Mozart, William Lloyd Webber, Sarah Watts and Heather Hammond, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, whether you play the flute or sing in a choir!

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