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  1. Moments of Grace

    The Jesuit theologian Gerald O'Collins has authored or co-authored over seventy books. He taught for more than thirty years at that flagship of theology, the Gregorian University in Rome. His students have become professors in universities, colleges and seminaries around the world.

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  2. Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

    My first ever published book was prayers. I started writing it when I was sixteen or seventeen and it went out into the wild as a proper book when I was 18. I didn't start it as a book. That was never the intention. All that happened was that I read David Kossoff's book, You got a minute, Lord?, and had a go at writing my own stuff down. That was it.

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  3. 'Thy Kingdom Come'

    Thy Kingdom Come is fast approaching and, in our small, semi-rural parish, we have been gearing up for a while now.

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  4. Young Person's Quick Guide to Leadership - the why, when and where!

    "Harris, the Headmaster wants to see you as soon as possible in his study." was the summons. "Oh dear, I am in trouble." was my initial thought as I left my 6th form tutor group. I already regretted having confronted a partisan sports teacher from a visiting school the day before quite so aggressively. Now it appeared the matter was going to be taken further.

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  5. I'll hold my hands up and say...

    I'll hold my hands up and say that when I first began working as a children and families worker at a large city-centre church I had little to no experience of working with under 5s. Having been a junior school teacher, I kind of knew what I was doing with the 7-11s, but anyone younger stumped me slightly.

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  6. Happy Talk that is to be published by Kevin Mayhew this September.

    During Lent, I've been leading a Bible Study Course in a small Suffolk village. Despite a less than warm village hall and freezing weather, a faithful group of around 14 people have met each week.

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  7. The dangers of social media

    The dangers of social media have been highlighted by any number of recent items in the news. And as usual, there are plenty of people ready to blame someone, anyone, for what happens.

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  8. Youth and Children's work

    Taken from the November edition of YCW Magazine (Youth and Childre's Work

    Recent research suggests that as many as 1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives. Liz Edge looks at how we can encourage the children and young people in our groups to talk about these issues and seek help where they need it.

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  9. Still Valued and Blessed Review

    This book is bursting with kindness. Its aim is to 'highlight misconceptions about old age - from a biblical viewpoint' and to 'encourage older people, generally'.

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  10. Exploring Emotional Health - **Review**

    Review published in the August edition of Life and ministry among young people.

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