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  1. Bishops & Cake

    For me, as I look back, just a few days on, at the two launch events for my new book last weekend, the most remarkable thing is - how much I can't remember!

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  2. In a World of Tears and Sorrow

    How to keep intercessory prayer fresh, alive and meaningful? That, for me, is a question I repeatedly ask myself, for two key reasons.

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  3. Happy Talk that is to be published by Kevin Mayhew this September.

    During Lent, I've been leading a Bible Study Course in a small Suffolk village. Despite a less than warm village hall and freezing weather, a faithful group of around 14 people have met each week.

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  4. Youth and Children's work

    Taken from the November edition of YCW Magazine (Youth and Childre's Work

    Recent research suggests that as many as 1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives. Liz Edge looks at how we can encourage the children and young people in our groups to talk about these issues and seek help where they need it.

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  5. Still Valued and Blessed Review

    This book is bursting with kindness. Its aim is to 'highlight misconceptions about old age - from a biblical viewpoint' and to 'encourage older people, generally'.

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  6. Still Vaued and Blessed (Review)

    Still Valued and Blessed: Patrick Coghlan

    Kevin Mayhew In the growing number of books written to help those in their senior years, this will not be a standout addition, yet it does provide a useful resource for those who minister to this significant age group.

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  7. Exploring Emotional Health

    On average, three children in every class at school are affected by a mental health issue

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  8. The Bumper Book of Resources: Instant Youth Group (Volume 8)

    Imagine if you had in one place material from some of the most well-respected writers for young people!

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  9. Still Valued and Blessed

    When do we move from middle age into old age?  Is it when our hair begins to turn grey - or we lose it? Could it be when we hit the age of being eligible to receive our pensions?

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  10. A very personal translation...

    Review by The Rev Dr Paul Ellingworth for The Methodist Recorder

    It is probably correct to describe The Bible: A Study Bible, freshly translated by Nicholas King (Kevin Mayhew hardback edition £49.99, presentation edition £59.99), as unique. There have been other English versions of the Bible by single translators such as James Moffatt and Ronald Knox. However, for the last generation or more, these have been based on Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Old Testament and Greek of the New.

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