1. Featured Author of the Month

    Nicholas King

    Nicholas King SJ is a Jesuit Priest who taught for many years in South Africa, and then at Oxford University.

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  2. A very personal translation...

    Review by The Rev Dr Paul Ellingworth for The Methodist Recorder

    It is probably correct to describe The Bible: A Study Bible, freshly translated by Nicholas King (Kevin Mayhew hardback edition £49.99, presentation edition £59.99), as unique. There have been other English versions of the Bible by single translators such as James Moffatt and Ronald Knox. However, for the last generation or more, these have been based on Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Old Testament and Greek of the New.

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  3. Q&A with Nicholas King

    If you didn't catch Nicholas King's talk on Bible translation at CRE, Sandown earlier this month, then you will have missed one of the highlights of the whole event; delivered with humour, humility and zest,  I was inspired to put on my theology hat for a bumper blog post!

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  4. What are you giving up (or taking up!) for Lent?

    "A wise priest once told me, 'Give vent to your creative bent this Lent' - so this year, I'm going to start learning the ukulele!

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