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  1. A question of Blame

    Currently, I am quite busy writing a book on fear and anxiety, called 'Be not afraid'. In my head, it's a sort of follow-up to my book on happiness, called Happy Talk. Whether the new book actually ever gets published will be up to others. I can but hope.

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    I find that increasingly I'm forgiven for being grumpy.  At my age it is almost as though people expect it of me. So I don't disappoint them.

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  3. A Prayer for Westminster.


    Lord God,
    we pray today for our world,
    haunted by the spectre of extremism.

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  4. 'We can't sing up there'

    'We can't sing up there' is a comment made after far too many church services. And it's true: research shows that for various reasons the human singing voice has dropped over the last century.

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  5. Q&A with Nicholas King

    If you didn't catch Nicholas King's talk on Bible translation at CRE, Sandown earlier this month, then you will have missed one of the highlights of the whole event; delivered with humour, humility and zest,  I was inspired to put on my theology hat for a bumper blog post!

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  6. What are you giving up (or taking up!) for Lent?

    "A wise priest once told me, 'Give vent to your creative bent this Lent' - so this year, I'm going to start learning the ukulele!

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  7. How is 'Fit for Purpose' fit for purpose?

    Fit for purpose is a seven week Lent Course primarily but not exclusively for groups. The absence of frills and props means there's a smooth transition between using it in either capacity and there are chapters at the start of the book on using it whichever way too.

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