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  1. The dangers of social media

    The dangers of social media have been highlighted by any number of recent items in the news. And as usual, there are plenty of people ready to blame someone, anyone, for what happens.

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  2. Youth and Children's work

    Taken from the November edition of YCW Magazine (Youth and Childre's Work

    Recent research suggests that as many as 1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives. Liz Edge looks at how we can encourage the children and young people in our groups to talk about these issues and seek help where they need it.

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  3. Help! I'm a New Mum! By Pam Pointer

    Who shed more tears? My baby, or me? Probably me. I was pretty clueless on practicalities changing a nappy, for example. Could you fold a towelling nappy to fit a tiny bottom, then stick a giant safety pin in - to the nappy, not the baby...?

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  4. Still Valued and Blessed Review

    This book is bursting with kindness. Its aim is to 'highlight misconceptions about old age - from a biblical viewpoint' and to 'encourage older people, generally'.

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  5. Exploring Emotional Health - **Review**

    Review published in the August edition of Life and ministry among young people.

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  6. Featured Author of the Month

    Nicholas King

    Nicholas King SJ is a Jesuit Priest who taught for many years in South Africa, and then at Oxford University.

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  7. Still Vaued and Blessed (Review)

    Still Valued and Blessed: Patrick Coghlan

    Kevin Mayhew In the growing number of books written to help those in their senior years, this will not be a standout addition, yet it does provide a useful resource for those who minister to this significant age group.

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  8. 'Exploring Emotional Health' Kevin Mayhew Blog

    'Exploring Emotional Health' Kevin Mayhew Blog


    During my teenage years, I felt a void in discussions between my Christian faith and being diagnosed with both depression and anxiety. It was as if emotional health and God didn't mix; no one seemed to want to talk about both in the same conversation.

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  9. Review And Author Q&A : Exploring Emotional Health by Liz Edge

    "Exploring Emotional Health" is a fantastic blend of wisdom, vital information and sensitively structured workshop sessions for young people.

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  10. Exploring Emotional Health

    On average, three children in every class at school are affected by a mental health issue

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