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  1. From the archives: Finding your Inner Treasure (2010) ~ Helen Warwick

    A good proportion of this rather meaty 346 page book is made up of hands-on exercises involving (amongst other things) paper, felt tips, paint, symbols, words, magazine cuttings, dough, the Bible and using the imagination

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  2. How low can you go? Hymns in lower keys

    We haven't been practising the limbo in the KM office this week!...

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  3. Q&A with Nicholas King

    If you didn't catch Nicholas King's talk on Bible translation at CRE, Sandown earlier this month, then you will have missed one of the highlights of the whole event; delivered with humour, humility and zest,  I was inspired to put on my theology hat for a bumper blog post!

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  4. From the archives: The Cowshed Revolution By Ray Simpson (2011)

    At a glance, you may think it's a book that's going to summon you to renounce capitalism, rid yourself of all possessions and go and live in the desert and/or offer your life exclusively to the service of others.

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  5. At a glance: Three recent KM publications

    Word Alive! All-age dramas to bring the Gospels to life ~ Claire Benton-Evans (Pub. Feb 2013)

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  6. An interview with Andy Robb a.k.a Derek the Cleric!

    With over 40 books under his belt, a Children's Book of the Year Award 2010, not to mention a thriving Twitter and Facebook fan base for 'Derek the cleric', a KM interview with the very funny and talented Andy Robb was surely long over due!

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  7. Poring over Pastoral Care

    Well-considered and honestly written, Pastoral Care is packed full of engaging anecdotes, useful bits of advice and wise perspective.

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  8. It's a family affair!

    Identical twins John and Paul Cox have more in common than it would initially seem. The retired duo, both of whom worked in parish ministry, have had titles published by Kevin Mayhew on the exact same day- a first ever (we think!)

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  9. What are you giving up (or taking up!) for Lent?

    "A wise priest once told me, 'Give vent to your creative bent this Lent' - so this year, I'm going to start learning the ukulele!

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  10. How is 'Fit for Purpose' fit for purpose?

    Fit for purpose is a seven week Lent Course primarily but not exclusively for groups. The absence of frills and props means there's a smooth transition between using it in either capacity and there are chapters at the start of the book on using it whichever way too.

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