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Product Id : 17221
Lift Off! - Leadership Skills For 7-12 Year OldsPaul Cannon Harris and Heather Torrens A brief guide to help young people who are given leadership roles.

Ideal for children of junior school age.

This informative, interactive and accessible guide is packed with advice, scenarios and practical toolkits on communication, running meetings and conflict resolution.

An essential training resource for schools and organisations, and an ideal gift for proud parents and grandparents to buy.
Product Id : 17220
Colour Make & Doodle - Noah's ArkSarah Kidd A fun and engaging way to teach and remember the story of Noah and his Ark.

Here is everything they need to make their own Noah’s Ark model with full instructions, plus the story of Noah written specially for this age group.

A fantastic project for the classroom, Messy Church or at home with the family

Product Id : 17219
First - Aid Kit For Feelings Using the Blob TreePhilip Eley, Ian Long and Pip Wilson A first-aid approach to mental health using the Blob Tree approach.

Emotional health involves a balance of emotions and the ability to express emotion appropriately. This book provides resources to help schools offer mental health first-aid training.

Ideal for schools.

Pip Wilson and Ian Long are the co-creators of The Blob Tree Products. Whilst working hard to reach young people in the East End of London, Pip conceived of a way to help anyone express their feelings in an immediate way. With the help of Ian’s illustrations, they have been creating books and no-word tools ever since. Ian is currently working on a no-word translation of the Bible - a Blob Visual Bible.
Product Id : 17155
Ukulele SchoolsPaul Mansell Written specifically for those wanting to teach the ukulele in primary schools. With Ukulele Schools, teachers can easily meet the National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 1 and 2 in music. Packed with catchy tunes that children will love to play and sing.

Teachers can help children to progress from very simple one chord songs, through to more complex songs, whilst learning all about music and music notation. Laid out in a clear and simple way and introduces the basics of music theory bit by bit in a clear and fun way. Even teachers with no musical knowledge can use this book.

Comes with a CD of all the tracks and access to tutorial videos.
Product Id : 17156
Class Combo!Sarah Watts Class Combo! is a fun ensemble resource for use in the classroom. Each of the 12 upbeat songs can be put together in the space of one lesson, using any combination of available instruments as accompaniment. The songs are suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2 and would make excellent performance pieces.

The pack contains the main score, plus easy, photocopiable parts for C, B flat and E flat instruments, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, pitched percussion, bass, body percussion, and a piano accompaniment with voice. There is a separate, photocopiable part for the song lyrics.

A free backing CD is also included in the pack, with accompaniments for every song, recorded in two tempos (practice and performance).
Product Id : 17147
Easter EncountersTony Bower
For Primary and Secondary Schools

Let’s go back nearly 2,000 years, to a big city in the back-water province of Palestine. Many people back in the city of Jerusalem were about to have an encounter with a man they would never, ever forget. Even though Pilate washed his hands of an innocent man, how could he ever forget his conversation about truth with the ‘king of the Jews’? A Soldier would always remember the words of the man on the cross. But, that’s not all. This man died and was buried. Three days later... people... encountered... the same man..... Alive. Surely, that was an encounter that they would never forget. And this man’s name is Jesus.

This book is a collection of scripts, poems prayers and dramatic readings all about these ground-breaking encounters. They are written by Tony Bower, who is the head of YoYo (York Schools and Youth Trust), which is a Christian charity that brings the Christian faith alive.

These scripts, poems, prayers and dramatic readings can be used in schools and churches, for lessons, assemblies and services to impact and inspire.
Product Id : 17141
Sunday School In A Tin!Eleanor King
Stories, Ganes & creative craft ideas for year C

No planning, no preparation, no photocopying or collection of lids or yoghurt pots - once you have filled your tin or box with a few inexpensive and easy to find resources you will be set up for the rest of the year. For each Sunday there is a story, based on the lectionary readings, a game, something to make using what you already have in your tin, and a child-friendly prayer.

The ideas are flexible so that they can be used with children of different ages, and with different sized groups. This is useful if the number of children at church fluctuates from week to week, or if there are families who only come to church from time to time. It’s also great for busy people who don’t have time to plan for or prepare activities for the children in church but see a need for something that makes church more fun and engaging for the youngest members of the congregation.

This book takes the stress, hassle and rush out of preparing activities for the children in your church so that Sunday mornings can be a little more restful.
Product Id : 17212
Kevin Mayhew - Exciting Music Resources Mailer - 2018

Kevin Mayhew - Exciting Music Resources  Mailer  - 2018

Fantastic bundle offers inside!

Click the link below to view our latest mailer interactively in full.

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Product Id : 17211
Kevin Mayhew - Resources For Assembly & RE Mailer - 2018

Kevin Mayhew - Resources For Assembly & RE  Mailer  - 2018

Fantastic bundle offers inside!

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Product Id : 17198
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