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Product Id : 17526
Sunday Sorted - Book 2Rachel Summers & Eleanor King Sunday Sorted is a resource for the whole church family and will be treasured by anyone involved in preparing and leading worship in church. Based on the Common Worship Lectionary, it ensures that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will be exploring and praying through the same themes, ideas, and scriptures. As the family of God, we all have things to learn from each other and this book will enable such conversations to happen.
Product Id : 17525
Special Sundays Sorted Rachel Summers & Eleanor King The all-age programme for Common Worship
Product Id : 17523
Dear DogGraham Jeffery Dear Dog is a series of insightful, often humorous full-colour illustrations, Bible verses, and musings that see life and faith from a canine perspective.

Graham Jeffery is a retired priest who is also an exceptional illustrator. His previous books for Kevin Mayhew have been well received and continue to be requested today.
Product Id : 17530
Dwelling in the PsalmsPat Marsh A collection of contemporary reflections on the psalms, rewriting the psalms in ways which help others to understand the meaning behind the narrative whilst also pinpointing their relevance for individuals today and offering accompanying prayers.
Product Id : 17524
Seasonal Sundays Sorted Rachel Summers & Eleanor King The all-age programme for Common Worship
Product Id : 17553
Gladstone Tales - Book 1 - Gladstone the Gargoyle Amy Scott Robinson Zach wants to go home. His new house opposite the churchyard and his tiny village school are nothing like the London life he misses. But when he comes across a confused and lonely gargoyle in the graveyard, Zach finds himself in the middle of a strange, exciting and sometimes terrifying adventure. Can Zach and his friends help Gladstone the Gargoyle to go back to his seat on the church tower before it's too late?
Product Id : 17537
Responding To The Image of GodJoel Edwards An Advent study course
Joel Edwards writes: ’We are all trying to discover what it means to be alive, to be truly human in community with others. We want to be valued and to value others; the shorthand word for all of this is respect.
Product Id : 17572
Gladstone Tales - Book 2 - The Secret of the GravestoneAmy Scott Robinson Genie notices everything – like when somebody has moved one of her 136 coloured pencils, or when her big sister, Jules, starts acting very strangely and buying secret flowers. But when she spots that Gladstone the Gargoyle has disappeared from the church tower again, she knows there must be a really big problem – and soon Genie, Gladstone, Zach, Davy, and Jules are on a mission to prevent disaster!
Product Id : 17607
Gladstone Tales - Book 3 - Twice GladAmy Scott Robinson Ethan is in big trouble, and to make things worse, Gladstone the Gargoyle has gone missing. When the children discover that he has been down from his tower before, can they piece together the clues from history to work out why he appears and how to get him back?
Product Id : 17531
Where Do Babies Come From?Sally Ann Wright - Illustrated by Honor Ayres This beautifully illustrated book takes young children through questions about how life starts and who they are as well as tackling concerns about whether there is enough love to go around.
Product Id : 17384
Wild WorshipRachel Summers Wild Worship is for families and churches that want to use creative ways to connect with God outdoors. Part of our Wild Worship series that includes the bestselling Wild Advent and Wild Lent, this book is perfect for families that have children in forest schools or groups that just love getting closer to nature while doing life together. This fantastic guide is also great for children's workers who are tired of being inside and want to take their groups outside as part of their worship and teaching experience. Wild Worship breaks the mold and presents a very different way to connect with God. As a forest school practitioner Rachel Summers wants to "...hold space to allow others to connect with creation" helping people find joy in finding God without walls and ceilings. Wild Worship is a practical book, a guide full of reflection, prayer and activities to help families and church groups experience God in a new way.
Product Id : 17373
God In The Garden Philip Eley God in the Garden is perfect for anyone that enjoys being outdoors throughout the year. It helps us find and connect with God across the changing seasons through weekly devotionals. Part of the Wild Worship series, God in the Garden will refresh and revive our love of the beautiful world just outside our window. Beautifully presented and illustrated throughout, this would make a wonderful gift for Gardeners and allotment owners. Also ideal for those who can't do as much today as they used to in the Garden.
Product Id : 17539
THIS?Susan Sayers I realise that THIS? is rather a strange title! So I thought, maybe it should be followed by a question mark? In a way, the question mark is the journey of discovery which this book describes. That’s because I want us to explore together the full reality of THIS?: where we actually are, who and what we really are, what is our ‘This’, and is God’s ‘This’ a fuller reality? If so, how does that affect the way we lovers of the Creator react to Earth Warming?
Product Id : 17369
The Kingdom of ForgivenessGerald O' Mahony

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of heaven and is the place where forgiveness is at home. God has already forgiven everything, past, present and to come, and the only question remaining is, can we forgive one another? Forgiveness is truth, revenge is a lie. Forgiveness is a gift, and it is needed by everyone, not just by those we consider to be sinners. In heaven everything will not be corrected, everything will be forgiven.

Gerald O’Mahony’s insightful and thought-provoking study of forgiveness includes a series of questions based on the individual chapters, ideal for group discussion.

Product Id : 17538
Presentation Labels X50 Pack Designed especially for prize-giving and presentations

Simply stick in a Bible or book for prize-giving
Product Id : 17383
The Bloke's BibleDave Hopwood A bloke with a Bible goes into a pub . . .

No, it’s not the start of a joke but a punchy, down-to-earth retelling of Bible stories, aimed especially at men.

Dave Hopwood’s honest and funny The Bloke's Bible features a regular guy reflecting on his life, his faith and his Bible as he opens it in his local pub and relates what he reads to the world around him.
Product Id : 17221
Lift Off! - Leadership Skills For 7-12 Year OldsPaul Canon Harris and Heather Torrens A brief guide to help young people who are given leadership roles.

Ideal for children of junior school age.

This informative, interactive and accessible guide is packed with advice, scenarios and practical toolkits on communication, running meetings and conflict resolution.

An essential training resource for schools and organisations, and an ideal gift for proud parents and grandparents to buy.

Downloadable teachers guide available. (See Resources)
Product Id : 17359
The Big Book Of Bible Questions Sally Ann Wright - Illustrated by Paola Bertolini Grundina These simple questions, drawn from the lives of all the main characters in the Bible, and covering all the main events, will delight, challenge and amuse. All the best-loved Bible stories are here, brought to life by Italian artist Paola Bertolini Grudina’s lively illustrations.
Product Id : 17361
Dedication PrayersSally Ann Wright - Illustrated by Honor Ayres This beautiful gift book combines prayers, traditional and modern, with details about baby’s first year. It will become a special keepsake as well as baby’s first book of prayers.
Product Id : 17365
The Lord Is My ShepherdJan Godfrey - Illustrated by Honor Ayres David knew that God was his good Shepherd, giving him everything he needed, keeping him safe and showing him the right way to live. Do you want God to be your good Shepherd too?
Product Id : 17215
3 - Minute Prayers For The WeekendDavid Gatward A collection of short prayers to help you prepare for the weekend.

Topics include: going to the tip; work-weary; family gatherings; needing a rest; children's birthday parties; the weather; holiday traffic; Sunday lunch; time to pray, and many more.

The perfect way to gather your thoughts before God and before the weekend hits.
Product Id : 17218
3 - Minute Prayers For The EveningLinda Ottewell Written in the same reflective and inspiring style as Linda Ottewell’s first book, Deep Calls to Deep, and promises to be a great blessing to all those who seek a closer walk with our wonderful God.

Each piece is a two-page spread, beginning with a Bible quote which is followed by a short reflection. This is then rounded off with questions or suggestions for the reader to ponder and a brief concluding prayer.

Loosely based on the Ignatian Spirituality Examen method of reviewing the day, and each of the 40 meditative pieces in this collection is positive, encouraging and thought-provoking.
Product Id : 17363
The Classic Children’s BibleRhona Davies - Illustrated by Maria Cristina Lo Cascio This Children’s Bible is a treasury of stories, known and loved by generations of readers. Beautifully illustrated and presented, it is a timeless collection that will inspire all who open its pages.
Product Id : 17366
What Happens When You Die Grandpa?Jan Godfrey - Illustrated by Estelle Corke Every year on Grandpa’s birthday, the cherry tree is covered in blossom. But this year there is nothing left but a stump.

‘The tree was very, very old,’ said Grandpa. ‘It was time for it to die.’
‘You’re very, very old,’ Harriet said anxiously. ‘Are you going to die?’

In this moving story about cherry stones and poppy seeds, caterpillars and baby chicks, Harriet learns about death and new life.

“This is a delightful book, which will enable parents to give their children a simple and clear understanding of death and heaven – a subject all too often ignored or evaded.”
Product Id : 17213
3 - Minute Prayers Before I SleepNicky Edwards This series of prayers gives children a way of processing their day and ending it positively with God.

Ideal for children of junior school age.

Enables children to end each day with Jesus, telling him about their life and being reassured of his presence and love as they go to sleep, looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.
Product Id : 17216
3 - Minute Prayers For Coffee BreaksPam Pointer Gives people a positive experience of the presence of God during their drinks break.

Suitable for anyone who pauses for a cuppa during the day.

Invites you to take a drinks break, relax your shoulders, and reconnect with God. Drink your drink, and drink up what God has to communicate to you.

Each daily piece invites you to Read, Pray and Think. It only takes a few minutes, then you’ll return to your tasks refreshed and renewed, having paused to ponder.
Product Id : 17360
Christening PrayersSally Ann Wright - Illustrated by Honor Ayres This beautiful gift book combines prayers, traditional and modern, with details about baby’s first year. It will become a special keepsake as well as baby’s first book of prayers.
Product Id : 17364
The Secret of HappinessJan Godfrey - Illustrated by Honor Ayres Jesus knew the secret of happiness – but he didn’t keep it to himself.
Jesus shared the secret with everyone he knew. Do you want to know it?
Product Id : 17214
3 - Minute Prayers For The MorningGaynor Cobb Invites you to spend a few minutes of calm and then feel energised for the day ahead.

Each piece is a two-page spread, beginning with a Bible quote which is followed by a short reflection. This is finished off with a short prayer and questions or thoughts for the reader to ponder.

The ideal way to begin your day with God.

Gaynor Cobb has spent many years as a teacher and Christian writer. Her first book, Teaching Christian Citizenship, was published by Kevin Mayhew after one of her projects won a Kent SACRE award. Gaynor has written prayers for both schools and churches.
Product Id : 17217
3 - Minute Prayers For GrandparentsPam Pointer Gives grandparents the opportunity to chat with God about the joys and challenges of having grandchildren.

Invites grandparents to pray for their grandchildren throughout their lives.

Each daily piece encourages you to Read, Pray and Think for a few minutes as you bring the youngsters to Father God.