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ThroughSteve Chick

Death, not space, is the final frontier. It takes no prisoners. There is no reprieve for good behaviour. Money can’t buy a way out. Its shadow looms over all humanity. Shrouded in mystery, the thought of it leaves most of us overwhelmed with fear. If the short-sighted solution is not to think about it, is there anyone who has faced death, lived to tell the tale and can show us the way through?

For centuries the words of one man have given lasting hope to all those facing the ultimate challenge that death poses. His name is Jesus. The Bible says that God sent him to set free all those who were overwhelmed by their fear of death. He claimed that anyone who put their trust in him, and in what he said, would never die. Over the centuries, since he made that promise, millions of people have taken him at his word.

Were they right to do so? Can we? Especially as, bizarrely, not long after Jesus made that statement he himself died, crucified on a Roman cross! My conviction is yes.

In the six hours it took for him to die, Jesus didn’t say much. Yet what he did say was profound. His seven ‘cries from the cross’ provide answers to humanity’s deep need for forgiveness, security and belonging. They fill the human heart with confidence, that when we close our eyes on this life God will take us home. To prove that he meant what he said, Jesus rose from the dead.

Jesus’ cries from the cross offer lasting hope to all who look to him. They were, and still are, famous last words!

Product Id : 17221
Lift Off! - Leadership Skills For 7-12 Year OldsPaul Cannon Harris and Heather Torrens A brief guide to help young people who are given leadership roles.

Ideal for children of junior school age.

This informative, interactive and accessible guide is packed with advice, scenarios and practical toolkits on communication, running meetings and conflict resolution.

An essential training resource for schools and organisations, and an ideal gift for proud parents and grandparents to buy.
Product Id : 17215
3 - Minute Prayers For The WeekendDavid Gatward A collection of short prayers to help you prepare for the weekend.

Topics include: going to the tip; work-weary; family gatherings; needing a rest; children's birthday parties; the weather; holiday traffic; Sunday lunch; time to pray, and many more.

The perfect way to gather your thoughts before God and before the weekend hits.
Product Id : 17218
3 - Minute Prayers For The EveningLinda Ottewell Written in the same reflective and inspiring style as Linda Ottewell’s first book, Deep Calls to Deep, and promises to be a great blessing to all those who seek a closer walk with our wonderful God.

Each piece is a two-page spread, beginning with a Bible quote which is followed by a short reflection. This is then rounded off with questions or suggestions for the reader to ponder and a brief concluding prayer.

Loosely based on the Ignatian Spirituality Examen method of reviewing the day, and each of the 40 meditative pieces in this collection is positive, encouraging and thought-provoking.
Product Id : 17213
3 - Minute Prayers Before I SleepNicky Edwards This series of prayers gives children a way of processing their day and ending it positively with God.

Ideal for children of junior school age.

Enables children to end each day with Jesus, telling him about their life and being reassured of his presence and love as they go to sleep, looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.
Product Id : 17216
3 - Minute Prayers For Coffee BreaksPam Pointer Gives people a positive experience of the presence of God during their drinks break.

Suitable for anyone who pauses for a cuppa during the day.

Invites you to take a drinks break, relax your shoulders, and reconnect with God. Drink your drink, and drink up what God has to communicate to you.

Each daily piece invites you to Read, Pray and Think. It only takes a few minutes, then you’ll return to your tasks refreshed and renewed, having paused to ponder.
Product Id : 17214
3 - Minute Prayers For The MorningGaynor Cobb Invites you to spend a few minutes of calm and then feel energised for the day ahead.

Each piece is a two-page spread, beginning with a Bible quote which is followed by a short reflection. This is finished off with a short prayer and questions or thoughts for the reader to ponder.

The ideal way to begin your day with God.

Gaynor Cobb has spent many years as a teacher and Christian writer. Her first book, Teaching Christian Citizenship, was published by Kevin Mayhew after one of her projects won a Kent SACRE award. Gaynor has written prayers for both schools and churches.
Product Id : 17217
3 - Minute Prayers For GrandparentsPam Pointer Gives grandparents the opportunity to chat with God about the joys and challenges of having grandchildren.

Invites grandparents to pray for their grandchildren throughout their lives.

Each daily piece encourages you to Read, Pray and Think for a few minutes as you bring the youngsters to Father God.
Product Id : 17154
Christ The King - Icon Of LoveRaymond Tomkinson For many centuries Christians have found the symbol of the cross to be a source of inspiration. Reflections in this book explore the less well-known cross which depicts Christ reigning as king of heaven and earth.

Known as the Christus Rex, this depiction is rich in symbolism and tells much more of the story of Jesus’ life, suffering, death, rising and triumphant return to heaven than any other form of the cross.

The message of the Christus Rex is explored; each chapter focusing on one of a number of traditional and contemporary theological and spiritual insights.

Christ The King - Icon Of Love would be suitable for individuals but also for groups meeting regularly. At the end of each chapter, there are suggestions for discussions and for prayer and a verse of a specially written hymn.
Product Id : 17142
The Puzzle Of Pastoral careAlison Moore The Puzzle Of Pastoral care is for anyone who is responsible for, interested in or practising pastoral care: lay or ordained; in full time or part time ministry; paid or voluntary. Anyone being trained in pastoral care or responsible for training others. The issues raised are relevant to churches of all denominations.

Pastoral care in churches is a puzzle. Why is it rarely talked about seriously? How has it come to be either taken for granted or sidelined as less important than ‘mission’ and ‘church growth’? And why is pastoral care so difficult to do well? It is clearly at the heart of the Christian life, yet in many churches, pastoral care is surprisingly inadequate, and where it does work well, it is often mysteriously difficult to replicate elsewhere.

This book aims to help churches work on better pastoral care provision. It takes a down-to-earth approach in a brief and accessible format. While addressing what makes for good, thoughtful, high-quality pastoral care, it also looks at what can get in the way, the hitches and glitches and challenges. Each short section includes illustrative stories, ending with suggested Bible passages and prayers. It could be used by a group or dipped into by individuals.
Product Id : 17157
HannahClaire Benton-Evans
A month in the presence of the mother of Samuel

Hannah might seem to us impossibly remote: a woman in a desert town who lived three thousand years ago and as many miles away; a second wife who longed for a son and then - extraordinarily - gave him away. Like a reality

TV show’s all-seeing camera, the Bible connects us intimately with Hannah, showing us her tears and the tensions at home. It captures every word of this faithful woman’s spontaneous song of praise.

The 30 meditations in this book encourage you to spend a month in Hannah’s company Each day links an aspect of Hannah’s story with a Bible reading, which is accompanied by a short reflection and a prayer.

It is said that we can’t really know a person until we have walked a mile in their shoes: why not spend a month walking in Hannah’s faithful footsteps, to see where she and God might lead you?
Product Id : 17145
Happy and BlessedJohn Cox The Beatitudes are some of the best known of Jesus teachings. But too often they are thought to be a matter of simple common sense.

Popular author John Cox, brings his open and accessible approach to the challenging nature of these short sayings revealing them as among the most radical of what Jesus had to say.

This five week course for individual or group study, explores the context of ideas in the Beatitudes, the insights that differing translations bring to them, and how they continue to challenge us in our world today including our attitude to possessions, to loss and forgiveness, to judgement and salvation.

Ideal for all of us during Lent.
Product Id : 17159
EstherLinda Ottewell How much do you know about Esther and why an Old Testament book bears her name? Who was she? When and where did she live? What did she achieve that is so memorable? What is the book of Esther about? Linda Ottewell looks at why Esther and her story are relevant and important today. To what extent can we identify with Esther and what can we learn from her? Esther has all the ingredients for a good story. It’s exciting, gripping, inspiring, full of drama and romance, intrigue and subterfuge, conflict, tension and danger. However, it is much more than simply a good story. Despite not being spoken of explicitly, God’s presence is felt throughout. The chapters clearly demonstrate God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, compassion, grace and mercy, and his loving care for his chosen people. This devotional contains 30 meditations – a daily reading for a month. A brief introduction for each section leads into a Bible reading, followed by a short reflection, with questions or a thought to ponder, and then a closing prayer.
Product Id : 17158
MiriamPam Pointer
A month in the presence of God's prophet

30 meditations - a daily reading for a month- plus a postscript, on the life of Miriam as found in the Bible.

An introduction for each section leads into a Bible reading, followed by a short comment, some questions or a thought to ponder, and then a prayer Does Miriam merit a whole book of thoughts about her when the references to her in the Bible are minimal?

Was she really of significance when she lived? Does her life have any relevance for today? Pam Pointer encourages the reader to open the Bible and find out.
Product Id : 17139
Pastoral Challenges and ConcernsBrendan Geary and Others
A Christian Handbook for Leaders

Pastoral Challenges and Concerns deals with issues of abuse, addiction and difficult behaviour and is a timely revision and expansion of The Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction and Difficult Behaviour, which was published by Kevin Mayhew nine years ago.

Each subject is treated by an expert using language that is immediately understood by the non-expert reader. This new edition has enabled the authors and editors to bring their contributions right up-to-date, where appropriate with research that has taken place since the first edition.

Pastoral Challenges and Concerns is for everyone involved in pastoral, managerial, educational and professional work, including clergy, teachers, youth workers, doctors and other health practitioners.
Product Id : 17144
Healing Prayer After TraumaPatrick Coghlan Healing Prayer After Trauma explores the possible profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact that a traumatic event, be it recent or historical, can have on a person. Providing the reader with encapsulating snippets of the experiences of his younger self, Patrick Coghlan immerses himself in the text and invites the reader to join him on his spiritual journey of healing.

Never shying away from his own anxieties, Patrick portrays an honest narrative of his struggles and his ongoing journey to find comfort and acceptance in prayer and reflection.

Through carefully chosen prayer, he invites the reader to open a dialogue with God and encourages them to listen to his reply. It is a striking reminder that we are never truly alone.
Product Id : 17143
Sunday Sorted - Year CRachel Summers & Eleanor King Sunday Sorted is a resource for the whole church family and will be treasured by anyone involved in preparing and leading worship in church. Based on the Common Worship Lectionary, it ensures that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will be exploring and praying through the same themes, ideas, and scriptures. As the family of God we all have things to learn from each other and this book will enable such conversations to happen.

There is something for everyone, for every Sunday of Church Year C, including:

Thoughts on the Readings: This pulls Sunday’s readings together, unpicking the common themes between them, and listening to how they speak into our context.

Discussion Starters: Some churches like to talk in a small group about the readings before the Sunday service. Others might use these discussion starters as part of a café church style sermon slot.

Intercessions: Offering up prayer on behalf of the worshipping church is an important job but one that often doesn’t come with much support or training. The intercessions here will support you in that role, giving you confidence as you make the prayers your own.

Children’s Prayer: Sometimes a shorter and simpler form of prayer is useful, either in a children’s group or in the main service to make sure prayer is more readily accessible for all.

Other Ideas!: Something to display, create, or do, that sets the scene for this Sunday and draws people of all ages into worship.

Children’s Corner: Most churches have a children’s corner, with books and soft toys. This provides suggestions for a simple activity to set out each Sunday, so that very young children and their parents or carers are able to join in the worship with the rest of the church community.

All-age Talk: A talk suitable for everyone doesn’t have to dumb down theological concepts or spiritual insight. These all-age talks allow everyone to understand the scriptures at a level they can understand.

Little Kids’ Sunday School and Big Kids’ Sunday School: Deliberately flexible on age grouping, these suggestions for children’s activities keep things playful and explorative, as research shows that children learn best through playing.

Colouring Page: Each Sunday there is a photocopiable/downloadable colouring sheet, inspired by the Lectionary readings for the day.
Product Id : 17137
Happy TalkJohn Cox
An exploration of what it means to be happy and blessed

We constantly seek happiness and a sense of blessing. In his latest book, popular author John Cox takes a look at how we can be happier and what makes us unhappy. He explores the ideas of religious leaders and philosophers, and what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Special attention is given to Jesus’ radical views found in the Beatitudes.

Don’t chase happiness – accept it as a gift.
Product Id : 17146
The Possibility of DifferenceMarcus Green Marcus Green makes three startlingly honest confessions. His first, that he is an Anglican; his second, that he is an evangelical; and finally, his third, that he is gay. It is these uncompromising and at times conflicting standpoints that make the basis for this compelling, compassionate, perhaps controversial but absolutely crucial book on attitudes towards homosexuality in the Christian faith.

Rational yet fiercely passionate, Marcus starts by tackling some of the Scriptures that have been used to condemn gay people. He then looks beyond these texts to the bigger biblical story, taking the reader on a journey that reveals the Bible as a place of radical inclusion and love. Finally, addressing the conservative contemporary orthodoxy often expected of the Christian community, Marcus explores the alienation and division that the ‘party line’ has on Christians both gay and straight, and offers an alternative vision of hope.

Through every page, Marcus Green challenges us to embrace ‘the rather glorious possibilities of difference’, and thus to ‘become the fully equal children of God’.
Product Id : 17085
Wild AdventRachel Summers Following on from the phenomenal success of Wild Lent, Rachel Summers’ new book, Wild Advent will once again have us all venturing outside to encounter God in the wild! Wild Advent provides an outdoor activity for each day of the four weeks of Advent, progressing through the Carmelite themes for Advent of Waiting, Accepting, Journeying, and Birthing. So why not make Advent a little wilder by wrapping up warm and heading outside to create your own icicle, breathe like a baby dragon, make pebble pictures, do some sand art . . . and share God’s creation with others?

The activities in Wild Advent include:

• Things to do when it’s cold
• Things to do in the dark
• Things to do with others
• Short and easy things to make and do
• Even shorter things to do
Product Id : 17136
Follow Me!Ali Campbell

Follow Me! is a collection of 40 lively devotions looking at the disciple Peter. Ali Campbell considers the highs and lows of Peter's life and his relationship with Jesus, and how we can relate to Peter today.

Each devotion begins with a Gospel reading, followed by a reflection, then a question or two or suggestion for the reader to think about.

As Ali Campbell says: ‘Jesus loves YOU. Warts and all. Jesus wants you to follow him, with all that you are. So, as we journey with Jesus – bring the whole of yourself along. Let’s see how he can transform us and shape our lives for the journey – just like he did with Peter.’

Ali Campbell is a Youth and Children’s Ministry Consultant and runs ‘The Resource’, a website aimed to equip, support and encourage, train and develop those working with children and young people.

Click here to view ‘The Resource’ website.
Product Id : 17086
Footsteps to Bethlehem Bill Merrington Footsteps to Bethlehem is a series of 31 daily reflections for Advent, inviting you to journey towards Christmas on a pilgrimage of transformation.

Each day looks at the life of individual Bible characters, such as Mary and Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth, and reflects on how they coped with the major events in their lives. How did they respond when faced with the choice either to walk by faith, ever closer to God’s light or to retreat from his light and love?

The day’s reflection begins with a comment on the chosen reading, followed by an invitation to consider two or three questions prayerfully and examine your own experiences of the Christian walk. A short prayer rounds off each reflection.
Product Id : 17140
Echoes of Eternity - 125 Vibrant New HymnsMartin Leckebusch Here is a further collection of new hymn texts by Martin Leckebusch, whose writing is finding a place in many hymnals both in the UK and beyond. He writes in the tradition of the classic hymn writers but uses fresh, contemporary language to explore the Christian faith for the twenty-first century. These words are mostly set to well-known and widely published tunes, making them easily accessible to congregations for use in worship.

This latest selection comes as the author passes the milestone of thirty years writing hymns; his work draws inspiration from a wide range of sources while always remaining true to Scripture. The book is made highly usable by the inclusion of Biblical, thematic and other indexes.

As the author says: ‘Hymns – both those from past generations and those by contemporary writers – remain an important element in my own Christian walk, and one of the ways my faith is nurtured and sustained. I hope that readers of this collection will find here insights and words to encourage and strengthen their own faith.’
Product Id : 17077
In A World Of Tears And SorrowNick Fawcett
100 Intercessory poems to guide Prayer and inspire reflection.

In this book of prayers with a difference, Nick Fawcett offers 100 poetic intercessions that speak in a way other prayers cannot quite capture. Encouraging further reflection, they leave the issues and concerns covered fresh in the mind long after the words have first been read or heard, helping to challenge, move and inspire.
Product Id : 17078
Moments Of GraceGerald O' Collins
Daily inspiration from Isaiah to Revelation

Moments of Grace reflects on biblical passages from Isaiah to the Book of Revelation, bringing out the Spirit-filled light and power that the inspired Scriptures embody. The reflections vary in length, use clear and accessible language and appropriate images and stories. Gerald O’Collins lets the biblical texts come alive for the readers, leading them gently into deep reflection and prayer. Once again, the author shows himself to be not only an outstanding theologian but also a great spiritual guide.

Gerald O’Collins has written or co-written over seventy published books, authored hundreds of articles in professional and popular journals, and lectured at many colleges and universities around the world.
Product Id : 17135
In A World Of Tears And Sorrow - eBookNick Fawcett
100 Intercessory poems to guide Prayer and inspire reflection.

In this book of prayers with a difference, Nick Fawcett offers 100 poetic intercessions that speak in a way other prayers cannot quite capture. Encouraging further reflection, they leave the issues and concerns covered fresh in the mind long after the words have first been read or heard, helping to challenge, move and inspire.
Product Id : 17079
101 Creative Prayer IdeasEleanor King

Marble-run prayers, milkshake prayers, paper boat prayers and teapot prayers – there’s something for everyone in this fun, thought-provoking and creative book. With a focus on peace, respect, care for others, and the world around us.

The prayer ideas are grouped into five themes:

• Saying thank you
• Sorry prayers
• Prayers for others
• Prayers for ourselves
• Things to remind us to pray

The activities will be loved by children from 3-11, and many of them will also be appreciated by teens and adults who want to reflect and draw closer to God in an accessible, practical and creative way.


Not sure how to help children to be prayerful? Whether it's a child at home or a group at church, this book has a wealth of creative ideas to get them involved and get them thinking. (And it might just do the same for us adults!)

Revd Phyllis Owen, Associate Priest, Parish of Southend

I love the way in which Eleanor provides a range of practical, imaginative, child-friendly activities which will connect children to God through play.

Syrie Cox, CEO Southend YMCA

It’s full of fun, fresh and practical ways to help children to pray. I will definitely use them in my classroom!

Rachael Marshall, Church Primary School Teacher

Product Id : 17073
Bob Hartman's Astounding All-Age Bible Readings For Holidays and Holy DaysBob Hartman Each year they come round: readings for Advent, Christmas, Harvest, Easter and every other holy day. And the question is, ‘How do I make them fresh? How do I help my church hear with new ears the readings they have heard a hundred times before?’

This collection of scripture retellings is meant to do just that, with passages relating to holidays and holy days from Years A, B and C of the Revised Common Lectionary.

There are 42 readings in all, complete with interactive devices and specific suggestions designed to invite your people directly into the Bible passage, to engage with it, and see it with fresh eyes.

The enclosed CD-Rom will help if you need extra text copies or want to project the words on-screen for all the congregation to see.
Product Id : 17074
Deep Calls to DeepLinda Ottewell Modern-day life may bear no resemblance to the experiences of the Psalmists, yet basic human nature and emotions don’t change. We can easily identify with the range of feelings expressed, as the Psalmists poured out their hearts to God in sincere, earnest prayer, praise and worship. God has much to say to us through the Psalms and their timeless poetry gives us a language to express ourselves to God in return.

In this inspiring meditative collection, Linda Ottewell has chosen an extract from a Psalm as a springboard for her thoughts and ideas, which are presented as a short reflection and then rounded off with a prayer or poem, a verse or two from Scripture, or part of a well-loved hymn.

It’s a book to dip into when you have a few minutes. You’ll find a variety of themes, including upbeat praise and worship, crying out to God for help in times of trouble, admitting doubts and fears, expressing an intense longing for God, and confessing sins.

Our prayers should be vibrant and lead us into the very heart of God. Here are reflections to encourage and edify, to help you draw nearer to God and go deeper with him.

Margaret Rizza writes:

These beautiful reflections on the Psalms draw us right into the heart of Scripture, giving helpful insights into our ordinary, everyday lives. Deep Calls to Deep is a book which will inspire and awaken us to new horizons and this will reflect the way we go about dealing with the very ordinary things which we encounter every day of our lives. The thoughts and reflections after the extracts of the chosen Psalms are very helpful and constructive, allowing us to see anew some of the very difficult things arising from a culture which poses many things which need much reflection.

This is a book of great depth and will be a great blessing and resource to many people seeking a closer relationship with our Creator God.
Product Id : 17072
We All ShareMina Munns If you have ever wondered how you can help the very youngest children in our churches to connect with the story of Holy Communion, then We All Share is what you have been looking for! Children under 5 have an amazing capacity for worship and connection with God, yet they are often one of the most overlooked groups within our congregations. We All Share explores how children from the tiniest babies can participate in the themes and actions of one of our most important Christian rites. With easy-to-use ideas and a wealth of real-life stories of how churches and families are helping children to join in, this is an invaluable resource for churches, children’s ministry leaders and parents.

We All Share contains:
• Ideas for use within a crèche setting
• Session plans for children’s church
• Practical ideas for use in a church service
• Resources for the home
• Book and website recommendations
• Real-life stories of under 5s connecting with Communion
• Printable and downloadable sheets

Mina Munns is an Anglican priest in Nottingham with a passion for children’s ministry and for helping children to connect with God.
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