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Discipleship - The Journey Of Faith

Nick Fawcett
A challenging bible study for groups
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A series of eight stimulating and challenging Bible studies for groups. Each study has six sessions/themes with an easy-to-follow structure including:

• prayers • an introduction to the theme • an ice-breaking activity • Bible readings • comment on the theme • discussion questions • meditation • suggestions for action


An exploration of how we all are pilgrims, for every one of us is called to follow the way of Christ. Becoming a Christian is not an end in itself but the start of a lifetime's pilgrimage, and the path of discipleship calls for perseverance, trust and courage. The six weekly themes are:

• Called to a journey • A personal journey • Equipped for the journey • A journey of discovery • Completing the journey • The God who journeys with us

Living with Questions

A study containing wisdom, insight and sound guidance for anyone wrestling with questions of faith and doubt. It recognises that honest questioning can be a sign of strength rather than weakness, and a significant step in an unfolding journey of discipleship. The six weekly themes are:

• Learning through questions • Disturbing questions • The faith in question • Ultimate questions • Living with questions • Beyond question


Exploring the major aspects of Paul's life, teaching and mission, and making the great Apostle accessible and meaningful to the lives and faith journeys of modern Christians. The six weekly themes are:

• Admitting we're wrong • By the grace of God • Pressing on • The one thing needed • True contentment • So much more to say

Something To Share

Looking at the importance of sharing our faith with others in an indifferent and even hostile world; how to do it - and how not to do it. The six themes are:

• No one told me • Keep it simple • Practising what we preach • Speaking their language • Words from the heart • Don't push it


Exploring the subject of prayer, raising the kinds of questions many people ask, and offering helpful answers. The six weekly themes are:

• The ingredients of prayer • Honest prayer • Asking in prayer • Unanswered prayer • Persistence in prayer • Rediscovering prayer

Unsung Gifts

Focusing on six individuals whose life and witness made a significant contribution to the early Church. The gifts they exhibited were not those we would automatically describe as spiritual, nor were they necessarily the only gifts they had, but they each played a part in furthering the cause of Christ. The six weekly themes are:

• Ananias: ready to say 'yes' • Barnabas: ready to encourage • James: ready to listen • Epaphras: ready to pray • Epaphroditus: ready to drop • Luke: ready to be there


Looking at love as the key which unlocks the door of faith. It begins by exploring a statement of faith at its simplest - God is love - and then moves on to our response in terms of loving God and loving others. The six weekly themes are:

• God is love • Love God • Love one another • Love your enemies • Love your neighbour • Love yourself

Women of Faith

Focusing on six women - from the Old and New Testaments. Each of them tells a remarkable story and offers a distinctive example of faith. The six weekly themes are:

• Ruth: voice of the outsider • Esther: voice for the persecuted • Mary, sister of Martha: voice of the heart • The woman who touched Jesus' cloak: voice for the sick • The woman of Samaria: voice of the despised • Lydia: voice of commitment

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Product Code 1500513
Product Name Discipleship - The Journey Of Faith
Short Description A challenging bible study for groups
Author Nick Fawcett
Date Published 13 Jun 2002
ISBN 9781840039214
Pack Size 1
Manufacturer Kevin Mayhew
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Nick fawcett

Brought up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Nick Fawcett served as a Baptist minister for 13 years, and as a chaplain with TocH for 3, before deciding to focus on writing and editing, which he continues with today,

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