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Michael Catchpool

Michael Catchpool is currently the Primary Adviser for English and Drama for Hertfordshire LEA, though given the rate at which he changes jobs, he couldwell be doing something else by the time you read this.

He has taught in a number of schools in the West country as well as being a Headteacher. Before going into teaching, Michael even spent some time as a cark-park attendant and a cleaner! With life beginning at forty, Michael is limbering up ready to get into the starting blocks.

Michael has collaborated on a number of books with Pat Lunt, including the very popular assembly resources; 'Kings and Monkeys', 'Ugly bugs and Apple Trees' and 'Cooks and Ogres'. They have co-written a musical adaptation of the medieval mystery plays and have performed sketches on local BBC radio stations. Despite working on many projects together, Michael and Pat are still talking to each other.

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