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Who else is looking forward to @MusicEdExpo?!  You can find us at stand H29 on the 22nd & 23rd February at @LondonOlympia Be sure to come and say hello!


Sarah Watts | Razzamajazz piano series, the Red Hot Recorder

13.45 – 14.15


Meet prolific composer for piano and woodwind Sarah Watts and quiz her on her Razzamajazz and Red Hot Recorder series! Chat piano duo and recorder repertoire, pick up tips on approaches to her pieces, get your books signed and pose for photos! 

Heather Hammond & Karen Marshall: Top Tactics to Deter Quitters

14:40 - 15:25


The largest number of students give up their instruments before they even get to Grade 1 level. Why is this the case? Writing partners Karen Marshall and Heather Hammond (Get Set! Piano, The Intermediate Pianist) provide a whole range of practical and empathetic 'student focussed' activities to keep students engaged. This session aims to make teachers armed and dangerous with a whole host of ways to keep that student walking through the door!


Discover creative practical ideas to maintain the enthusiasm of students
Spot the signs that a student is becoming less engaged before it becomes a crisis
Explore top repertoire for a range of instruments to keep students engaged
Explore diversification in lessons; for composing, improvisation and general musical skills to broaden the appeal of the lessons.

Paul Mansell: Classical Music on the Ukulele

15:45 - 16:30

  WORKSHOP - 22ND FEB 2018

Paul Mansell, professional ukulele teacher, will demonstrate how easy it is for school teachers (with no musical knowledge) to engage and excite children with a ukulele. But he'll also demonstrate the ukulele as a serious instrument, performing a selection of pieces from Bach to Carcassi. Come and see how one of the fastest-growing instruments in schools can have serious development potential, from beginner one-chord-fun through to diploma level. [KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5]


Gain an understanding of playing classical music on a ukulele and understand the cost-effectiveness of teaching ukuleles
Gain an understanding of the benefits of students playing the ukulele – such as student confidence, concentration and dexterity
Learn to play a song they can teach Key Stage 1 students
Learn that the ukulele is not a fad, it is a serious instrument and it is here to stay