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Cantate DominoCantate Domino

Cantate Domino

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Cantate Domino is a collection of new hymns compiled to complement the CWL. You'll find in it much to strengthen the message of the Readings.

We see two uses for Cantate Domino : it may be used as a resource for excellent new congregational hymns, or your choir may like to sing the pieces as 'offerings' to the congregation; mini anthems, if you like!

The list of contributors reads likes a who's who of contemporary hymn writing:


Rosalie Bonighton Basil BridgeAndrew Fletcher Michael Higgins Peter Irving Robert Jones Richard Lloyd Colin Mawby Andrew Moore June Nixon Betty Roe Martin Setchell Christopher Tambling David Terry Stanley Vann Alan Viner


Basil Bridge Timothy Dudley-Smith Nick Fawcett Michael Forster Jean Holloway Martin Leckebusch Edwin Le Grice


A broken loaf - Andrew Moore
A crown of piercing thorns - Betty Roe
Amid the clamour of the world - Alan Viner
As in that upper room - Robert Jones
At this table we remember - David Terry
Before the altar - Martin Setchell
Before the world's foundation - Andrew Fletcher
Broader than the ocean's limits - Rosalie Bonighton
Called by Christ - Peter Irving
Called to shed light - Michael Higgins
Christ, the eternal light - June Nixon
Come, see the Lord - Colin Mawby
Draw us together at the close of the day - June Nixon
Each season gives God voice - Robert Jones
Eternal God, before whose face we stand - Colin Mawby
For beauty which delights our eyes - Richard Lloyd
For every word which feeds us - Martin Setchell
From age to age - Robert Jones
From a manger in a stable - Colin Mawby
From ancient times - Peter Irving
From life's bright dawn - Richard Lloyd
From near and far - Andrew Fletcher
From the depths my soul cries out - Andrew Wright
Glory to God - Rosalie Bonighton
God has called us - Stanley Vann
God has ordained - Alan Rees
God made me me, God made you you - Rosalie Bonighton
God of love, you called the magi - Peter Irving
God of might - Michael Higgins
God of our salvation - Stanley Vann
God our provider - Christopher Tambling
Hear the song the poor are singing - Andrew Fletcher
Holy Spirit, will you be - Richard Lloyd
How could you leave the splendour - Michael Higgins
How did you feel - Andrew Moore
I believe in God the Father - June Nixon
In the garden Mary lingers - Rosalie Bonighton
In the name of Christ rejoicing - Alan Viner
In the same night in which he was betrayed - Martin Setchell
In vast, ornate cathedrals - David Terry
Jesus is risen, Jesus lives! - Andrew Moore
Jesus, we have heard your Spirit - Robert Jones
Lest we forget - Betty Roe
Let hymns of joyful praise abound - Richard Lloyd
Light of her life - Martin Setchell
Lord, give us vision - Alan Viner
Lord, it isn't always easy - David Terry
Lord, let your servant now - Peter Irving
Lord, we turn to you - Andrew Moore
Lord, with a heart that leaps - Alan Viner
Lord, you created a world - Christopher Tambling
Lord, you designed our human frame - Richard Lloyd
May the grace of Christ - Colin Mawby
O Father, on your love we call - Betty Roe
O God of all creation - June Nixon
O risen Lord - Andrew Fletcher
Our Father God in heaven - Christopher Tambling
Our living Lord - June Nixon
People of God, arise - Christopher Tambling
Praise to Christ, the Lord incarnate - David Terry
Praise to the Father - Andrew Moore
Ring aloud the Christmas bells - Alan Rees
Risen Lord in splendour seated - Martin Setchell
Sad, confused and shaken - Betty Roe
Saviour of all mankind - Stanley Vann
Saviour, we are lost - Rosalie Bonighton
Sing, Holy Spirit, sing! - Colin Mawby
Sing with me a song of gladness - Andrew Wright
Teach me, dear Lord - Alan Rees
Thank you, Father, for the Bible - Alan Rees
The choices which we face - Stanley Vann
The God who set the stars in space - Alan Rees
The gracious invitation - Alan Viner
The Lamb of God was faultless - Betty Roe
The promised time arrives - Andrew Wright
Thirsty for the living water - Basil Bridge
Together we proclaim - Robert Jones
We bless the Lord our God - Stanley Vann
We have a vision - Peter Irving
What King is known - Andrew Wright
When shape and colour flood my sight - Michael Higgins
With all who in this hallowed place - Andrew Wright
Within my heart - Andrew Fletcher
You are the Bread of Life - Christopher Tambling

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