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Mayhew Recorders - 10 Pack Soprano (Descant) RecorderMayhew Recorders - 10 Pack Soprano (Descant) Recorder

Mayhew Recorders - 10 Pack Soprano (Descant) Recorder

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Kevin Mayhew are one of the largest and most respected publishers of music for the Recorder. Our customers expect only the best quality from us. We are proud to bring our unique skills and knowledge of the instruments to the production of the entirely new Mayhew Recorder.

Sarah Watts says

'I have been really impressed with the Mayhew Recorders I have played.They have a very pleasant, balanced and reliable sound throughout the required range of the instrument and are very comparable with the more expensive, well-known makes of education recorders. I can't recommend them enough.'

Introducing our exemplary Mayhew Recorders made from virtually indestructible ABS plastic - hygienic and easy to care for while providing accurate intonation and easy playability, they feature an attractive matt black, user-friendly design.

Three-piece construction with arched windway and baroque fingering. Comes complete with a black presentation bag, cleaning rod and fingering chart.

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