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Our Richest Songs

Our Richest Songs

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This wonderful collection of 100 musical settings for the Liturgy is an invaluable resource for the parish.

There is music for every part of the Eucharist, Feasts and the Sacraments. It is all attractive, melodic and enjoyable to use, performable in unison, two or four parts by congregation, choir, cantor and music group, depending on your resources. A good number of the pieces have optional instrumental parts.

Our Richest Songs is extensively indexed, making the choice of music as straightforward as possible.

A glance at the contents below will indicate the variety and richness of Abbot Rees' selection.


A child is born in Bethlehem - Plainsong/Proulx
Alleluia: Let us sing of the Lord - Décha
Alleluia: My soul praises the glory - Décha
Alleluia: O give thanks to the Lord - Noel Rawsthorne
Alpha and Omega - Hemson
At your feet - Alan Rees
Be known to us, Lord Jesus - Rosalie Bonighton
Be still, for the presence of the Lord - David Evans
Behold, the Lord will come! - Colin Mawby
Blest are you, O God, Creator - June Nixon
Christ triumphant - Barnard
Christians, lift up your hearts - Vaughan Williams
Christians, to the Paschal Victim - Plainsong/Murray/Rees
Come and bring your gifts - Richard Shephard
Come to me - Margaret Rizza
Come to us, creative Spirit - Richard Proulx
Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life - Vaughan Williams
Come, O Holy Spirit - Plainsong/Murray
Father almighty, Lord of creation - Walsh
Father, we come to you - Walsh
From many grains - Adrian Vernon Fish
Give me, Lord, a new heart - Alan Rees
Give thanks to the Lord our God - Richard Lloyd
God makes welcome - Palestrina/Lécot
God reigns! - Deiss
Good shepherd, may I sing your praise - Colin Mawby
Hail, true Body - Dykes Bower
Hail, true Body - Plainsong/Rees
Hear us, O Lord - Plainsong/Murray
Herein is Love - Rosalie Bonighton
I received the living God - Unknown/Proulx
I saw streams of water flowing - Dean
Jesus, ever-flowing fountain - Rosalie Bonighton
Jesus' soul, make holy - Alan Rees
Jesus, the Son of God - Giombini/Lécot
Let our praise to you - Malcolm Archer
Let the hungry come to me - Plainsong/Murray
Lord, Jesus Christ - Malcolm Archer
Love one another - Malcolm Archer
O comfort my people - Irish Melody/Lloyd
O fountain of life - Margaret Rizza
O God beyond all praising - Holst
O Lord, my heart is not proud - Margaret Rizza
O sing a new song - Lesbordes
Only bring your gift - Christopher Tambling
Praise our God - Andrew Moore
Praise to the Lord - Richard Lloyd
Rejoice in the Lord! - Alan Rees
Send forth your Spirit - Alan Rees
Silent, surrendered - Margaret Rizza
Thanks be to God - Dean
There is one thing I ask of the Lord - Alan Rees
This is the day - Alan Rees
To the wedding feast God calls us - Hunstiger
To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul - Alan Rees
Veni, lumen cordium - Margaret Rizza
We are your people - Walsh
We know you, Lord - Walsh
What feast of love - English Melody/Stainer
When from bondage we are summoned - Hunstiger
When we eat this bread - Alan Rees
Where is love and loving kindness - Alan Rees
Where true love is found with charity - Murray/Moore
With joy you will draw water - Alan Rees
You are the centre - Margaret Rizza
You satisfy the hungry heart - Kreutz
!!!Responsorial Psalms
All the ends of the earth - Andrew Moore
Bring an offering - Howell/Gelineau
Come, children, and hear - Alan Rees
Go out to the whole world - Alan Rees
God of hosts, bring us back - Rosalie Bonighton
Have mercy on us, O Lord - Alan Ridout
I will bless the Lord - Andrew Moore
In God alone - Alan Rees
Like as the deer - Tamié/Watson
O that today you would listen to his voice - Andrew Moore
Praise God in his holy place - Colin Mawby
Send forth your Spirit - Margaret Rizza
Taste and see the goodness of the Lord - Andrew Moore
Taste, O taste and see - Alan Rees
The Lord is my shepherd - Colin Mawby
The Lord will bless his people with peace - Alan Rees
They are happy, who dwell in your house - Alan Rees
We are his people - Andrew Moore
With songs of gladness and joy - Décha
!!!Gospel Acclamations
Alleluia: Show us your mercy (Advent) - Alan Rees
Alleluia: The Spirit of the Lord (Advent) - Malcolm Archer
Alleluia: Glory to God (Christmas) - Alan Rees
Alleluia: May the peace of Christ (Christmas) - Richard Shephard
Praise to you, O Christ (Lent and Holy Week) - Andrew Moore
Alleluia: Jesus Christ (Easter) - Alan Rees
Alleluia: Jesus said (Easter) - Christopher Tambling
Alleluia: Here in our midst (General) - Jones
Alleluia: I am the Way (General) - Duffy/Murray
Alleluia: Like the deer that yearns (General) - Colin Mawby
Alleluia: Open our hearts (General) - Russian Byzantine/Rees
Alleluia: Speak, Lord (General) - Richard Lloyd
Alleluia: Stay awake (General) - Richard Proulx
Alleluia: Your words are spirit, Lord (General) - Alan Rees
Alleluia: Your word is truth (General) - Duffy

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