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String Quartet No 2 - Score NO LONGER AVAILABLE {KD May 20}

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The aim of this series is to make available both new and neglected chamber music that is enjoyable to play and not so testing as to be outside the scope of the good armature ensemble. Many excellent works from the first half of the nineteenth century onwards have fallen out of print - not always because they have fallen out of fashion. It is time that the best of these by the masters of the period were in circulation once more, and it is hoped that they will give as much pleasure as the undoubtedly did in there day.

There is a shortage of serious modern chamber music that is not so difficult as to discourage any but professional quartets. Alan Ridout's quartets, somewhat rarely for a contemporary composer, are certainly playable by some school and college groups seeking new music, as well as sustaining the interests of more experienced players. - Robert Scott, Series Music Editor

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