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  • Razzamajazz Repertoire Violin

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Razzamajazz Repertoire Violin

Kevin Mayhew

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More fun pieces to get jazzy with
Grade 2 - 4

If you enjoyed Razzamajazz here are a few more pieces to 'get jazzy' with. They are written in a variety of styles and are for students to perform or just to improve technique or widen musical vocabulary. Razzamajazz Repertoire is rhythmically and melodic
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Product Code3612266
NameRazzamajazz Repertoire Violin
SupplierKevin Mayhew
AuthorSarah Watts
Short DescriptionMore fun pieces to get jazzy with
Pack Size1
Size210mm x 297mm
Date Published25 Jul 2008
Product RangeRazzamajazz
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Violin, Grade 2, Grade 3
This is a delightful collection of simple pieces inspired by an array of light music styles including jazz, film, folk, blues and Latin. Review by Helena Ruinard - Music Teacher Magazine
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This is a delightful collection of simple pieces inspired by an array of light music styles including jazz, film, folk, blues and Latin. They are designed to be encouraging rather than challenging and Sarah Watts has managed to avoid awkward technical issues while writing fun and varied pieces; all would be within the grasp of a player at Grade 1 or 2 level. The Pieces are rhythmically simple but, at the same time, stimulating enough for a beginner; they are all in the violin friendly keys of G, D and A major. There is a dash of syncopation in ‘ten toe tapper’, a taste of 6/8 time in ‘Madge’s Maggot’, and plenty of quaver movement in other pieces to encourage momentum.
The only thing that spoils the resource is unfortunate use of synthesised violin on the CD’s practice tracks. Why did the produce the producers not hire a real violinist? The robotic sound is not helpful to the student, who is trying to learn to play a demanding acoustic instrument – with musicality. However, producers turn the synthesiser to their advantage by providing two tracks for each piece, one at rehearsal tempo and one at performance tempo. The accompaniments are imaginatively done fleshed out with drum kit, Hammond organ and other sounds, and they effectively complement and support the violin part. These pieces will be useful alternative resource for teachers and should refresh students’ interest between scales and exam pieces.
(Posted on 05/04/2011)

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 Sarah has a passion for encouraging people to enjoy music. As Artistic Director of the National Youth Music Camps she plays a large part in promoting the Dankworth 'all music' philosophy that influenced her early years.

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"Razzamajazz was the first series I wrote and I still think it is one of the most useful. The idea behind the various instrumental versions was to provide a way of learning an instrument while playing actual pieces. I thought the teacher might find it a useful accompaniment to the traditional tutor book.

I really wanted to write pieces which made the student sound good, right from the very first note. I wanted to set the student up for success by writing each piece with a special accompaniment that made them feel they had achieved something great, and made them want to turn the page and learn more.." - Sarah Watts

Banana tango
Biscuit tin waltz
Black welly blues
Five jive!
Full on fizzy
Hay down hoe down
Humdinger hoe down
I got the A blues!
Lighten up!
Madge's maggot
Movie buster
Precious times
Shrimp circus
Shrimp in the shade
Shrimp shuffle
Sunshine green
Ten toe tapper
Umbrella man
Watering can man
Western hoe down
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