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Remember War, Make Peace

Remember War, Make Peace

David Adam
Nick Fawcett
Ray Simpson
Christine Titmus
Bruce Kent

Bravery does not belong to one flag. This resource book provides prayers, reflections, songs and services for Remembrance Sunday with a global perspective in which all casualties of war are remembered. Much of the material originates from the Movement for the Abolition of War and aims to honour Harry Patch’s words: ‘War isn’t worth one life.’

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Feasts and Festivals

Feasts and Festivals

Claire Benton-Evans

The church's feasts and festivals are true all-age occasions when we welcome all sorts of people to our places of worship. This book contains complete non-denominational services to help you celebrate these special occasions together.

Bring the Bible to life with interactive storytelling, inspire all ages with multimedia teaching and gather people together with creative prayers! This easy-to-use book includes check-lists, full scripts for leaders and a CD-ROM containing a wealth of visual resources.

So why not treat your church and community to these services for feasts, festivals and special occasions.

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