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Hymns Old & New - One Church. One Faith. One Lord - Full Music

Product Review (submitted on 15 January 2013):

There are so many hymn books out there on top of the range published by Kevin Mayhew that choosing any one of them is quite a task. The CoE group I worship in mostly uses in its various churches either this Hymns Old & New 'One Church, one faith, one Lord' edition (known as the 'red book') or the smaller 'New Anglican' edition (green book) as well as occasionally calling on A&M and a few others. The problem therefore was to try choose one that would just about cover both Mayhew books, but they say there's very little overlap between their editions. One really does not want to have to carry around two similar and fairly bulky compendiums. In the end I went for this book as it has more hymns and on inspection seemed to include most of the ones we sing from the 'New Anglican' although of course the numbering between the two is different!

What Kevin Mayhew could helpfully do is to publish a grid comparing the contents of all their books. The paper by the way is bible thin so watch out if you use post-its and it wouldn't handle much annotating.

What would be really clever of the publishers and would provide a big added value would be to have a website where bona fide purchasers could download simple wordless midi, avi or mp3 files accentuating each SATB part. This would probably be a more effortless way to learn harmonies than the usual problem of trying to read a reasonably clear score on one page and squinting at small typeface words on the other.