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Hymns Old & New - One Church. One Faith. One Lord - Full Music

Product Review (submitted on 27 April 2010):

This hymn book represents a very good selection of hymns from the staple, 'old favourites' to the very modern. As such it should suit very well most Anglican Churches that need to cater for a variety of services.

Many of the hymns have been transposed down compared with the original A & M formats. This does ease the strain on the vocal range of the congregation for whom Top Es are definitely beyond reach. However, this does mean that for choirs that routinely sing in harmony, some of the bass and alto lines are low in the register.

Choirs accustomed to the A & M editions and their equivalents, may also find that the changes to some of the harmony lines are irritating and don't always improve the texture of the music.

The layout is generally good, though an organ copy with larger print and thicker paper would be advantageous.