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The Wisdom of Jesus

Kevin Mayhew

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Following the Way to life and peace
Many people who are brought up in Christian families give up on organised religion, but need they give up on Jesus? In this book, the wisdom of Jesus is isolated from Church structures, concentrating on the instructions he is reported to have given his hearers as regards the way to live in real peace. It is for anyone who is searching for meaning in life, a desire to be good and for peace of heart. Beautifully written, The Wisdom of Jesus opens up the limits of ordinary, everyday life, taking us to a fresh understanding of what Jesus was, and is, about.
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Note from the author: I have always been amazed at people’s fascination with the Ten Commandments. It’s as if people say, ‘Keep those, and Jesus will be happy.’ There is so much more to Jesus than the Ten Commandments. We already had those before Jesus came into the world, so why did he have to come? There is a wealth of other instructions Jesus gave, about how best to live our lives, so why should we pick on the Ten as if they were the be-all and end-all? So one day I had a closer look at the Sermon on the Mount, and counted thirty-seven instructions of Jesus within those thee chapters. Why did we not give those equal prominence? Then it occurred to me to count the number of instructions contained in the four gospels, and the number came to over seven hundred. To be quite honest, I counted yet again, and came to just over one thousand, including duplicates in more than one gospel. That gave me the idea for a book – why not list the thousand in a book, and make it impossible for anyone to be satisfied with just ten of them? The trouble with that was, a thousand instructions is a lot of instructions to marshal. So I divided the thousand into themes Jesus often followed, with simple references to the places in the gospels where his words are given. That done, it was pointed out to me that here in the book was a lot of gospel material which did not depend on whether the reader ever went to church or was a church member. Was there not more to following Jesus than just the hour on Sunday morning? Could not the book be used to inspire people of good will who for one reason or another had parted company with the Church? And finally, could it not help church-going Christians to look in a fresh light at Jesus’ priorities? Note from the editor As a Christian it is very easy to get bogged down by rules. But Jesus didn’t give us a rule book. He instructed, advised and invited us to follow him. Don’t be daunted by the fact The Wisdom of Jesus looks at how many instructions Jesus actually gave us – Gerald O’Mahony isn’t presenting you with a rule book! Instead he is opening up an opportunity to refocus on what Jesus was, and is, teaching us and how it is an invitation to life – regardless of whether or not you are a churchgoer.


Product Code1501210
NameThe Wisdom of Jesus
SupplierKevin Mayhew
AuthorGerald O'Mahony
Short DescriptionFollowing the Way to life and peace
Pack Size1
Size297 X 210mm
Date Published13 Nov 2009
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Gerald O'Mahony

Gerald O'Mahony was born in Wigan, Lancashire. He joined the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) at the age of 18, and was ordained priest aged 30. Gerald was a school teacher for four years, before being invited to join the team of advisers in religious education for the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

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