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Teenage Girl's Sex and Relationships

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An A-Z guide for young Christians
Life is tough enough if you’re a teenager! You’ve got all the problems of growing up and making decisions. Then there’s all the pressure, education, information, rumours, boasting and stress about getting into sex and relationships. You may be one of many people who say they haven’t learned much from sex education at school. You may have thought that it said nothing about caring for someone. This book looks at the whole area of relationships and sex, unpacking it in clear and blunt detail, and asking what God, who made us, thinks about it.

Nick has been involved in schools for many years as a teacher, leader of assemblies, and latterly as an inspector of  church schools. He works for the Church of England in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, and has written a number of books and resources for working with children and young people both in school and in church.

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