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Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in the UK. He has written and recorded many products for Kevin Mayhew Publishers. His work with Kevin Mayhew includes a range of solo piano albums, a collection of Celtic compositions, a range of jazz improvisation tutors and his new rock musical - Jerusalem News.

When he finished his degree in music and recording, Kevin went on to set up a recording studio for recording local bands and artists in his home town of Nuneaton. He also spent many years performing in orchestras and local bands and formed his own 10 piece soul band 'The Scoobies' in the late nineties.

Kevin composes in many different styles and has completed works for orchestras, solo artists and bands, musicals, choirs, solo piano and solo instruments.

After working in recording studios for many years Kevin has developed a love for technology and all things Apple. This has led him to become a specialist in the area of recording with the use of sample instruments where he has become recognised for his work with sampled orchestral sounds. Kevin works exclusively on Apple computers, using Logic Pro or ProTools recording software with virtual instruments by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, BFD, Native Instruments, East West, Garritan, Synthogy and Dan Dean. He has even composed and recorded some contemporary pop tracks using nothing but his iPad!